Organization will focus on role as worldwide sanctioning body

Foothill Ranch, Calif. (January 23, 2004) - Since its inception in 1982, the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) has been dedicated to representing the interests of watercraft organizations and watercraft racers throughout the world. It is also the governing body of watercraft racing worldwide.

As part of a recent internal re-organization, the IJSBA enters a new era having transferred the primary responsibility and accountability of the IJSBA to all IJSBA member groups as opposed to a single member group (watercraft manufacturers) as in the past.

An outline of the main objectives of the re-organized IJSBA can be summarized into 3 main categories:

  1. Maintain the IJSBA as the worldwide sanctioning body for personal watercraft racing.
  2. Create, distribute and administer the international rulebook.
  3. Preserve the World Finals and assign international titles, championships and invitational events.

There are 3 major changes in the re-organized structure compared to the old structure:

  1. There will no longer be a board consisting of Manufacturer Members only.
  2. All member groups will share accountability for the direction of the organization.
  3. There will be several Advisory Committees created to maintain up-to-date regulations and guidelines for all forms of watercraft racing.

To reach these objectives, an IJSBA Transition Committee has been appointed and empowered to assume the responsibilities of the Board. The committee was approved on January 20, 2004 and triggered the handover from the previous Board.

The members invited to form the IJSBA Transition Coordinating Committee consist of representatives from 10 nations, including Japan, United States, Belgium, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal, Norway, Canada, Italy and Thailand.

Part of their task as the Transition Committee will be to appoint an interim Board of Directors composed of members from all IJSBA member groups. Once appointed, the interim Board will be in place until the first elections are held on or about Winter 2004/2005.

Below is an outline of the member groups that will compose the future IJSBA Board of Directors.

  • IJSBA Director
  • Manufacturer Members
  • International Affiliate Members
  • Associate Members
  • Rider Members

Manufacturer Members. This group is made up of corporations engaged in the manufacture of single or multiple rider personal watercraft.

International Affiliate Members. This group is made up of international affiliates in good standing and recognized by the IJSBA.

Associate Members. This group is made up of companies that are engaged in the personal watercraft business.

Rider Members. This group is made up of the racing members in good standing of the IJSBA or IJSBA Affiliate. Each member of this group must hold a valid and current racing license as issued by the IJSBA or any one of its recognized International Affiliate Members.

United States
The role of the IJSBA is to be the worldwide sanctioning body for the personal watercraft sport. In the past the IJSBA has also served as the United States IJSBA affiliate. The IJSBA is currently evaluating applications to fulfill the responsibility of United States affiliate, including a proposal from Patrick Mell on behalf of the American Power Boat Association (APBA). Due to the urgency and importance of this matter, IJSBA is reviewing applications as a high priority in order to finalize the affiliate situation as soon as possible.

IJSBA Racer Memberships
There has been concern voiced as to the status of current and renewed IJSBA memberships. All active and renewed IJSBA memberships will be fulfilled and honored worldwide.

IJSBA World Finals
The 2004 IJSBA World Finals will take place as previously announced in Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA on October 3-10. Details about classes, allocations, etc., will be announced as soon as possible.

2004 IJSBA Rulebook
The 2004 rulebook is currently being finalized and is expected to be available online at in early February. A printed copy will follow. Website
The website will continue to be an active source of information for the community and will offer a variety of services.


The International Jet Sports Boating Association, a non-profit organization, is the worldwide sanctioning body for personal watercraft competitive racing. IJSBA is responsible for the rules which govern the sanction, organization and conduct of sanctioned events; the standards for eligibility and conduct of competition and officials; the regulations for eligibility and preparation of watercraft; and the rules for annual series of events around the world. The IJSBA has affiliated associations, organizations and members in more than 50 countries worldwide and its headquarters are located in California, United States.