Elections for the first democratically elected IJSBA Board of Directors is getting closer. New Board to include affiliates, riders, aftermarket companies and watercraft manufacturers.

With the previous Board of Directors transferring the power of the organization to a Transition Committee in January 2004, the IJSBA have been working to adapt the by-laws to better serve the new direction of the IJSBA as outlined in a press release on January 23, 2004.

At present, the Transition Committee is still in place and a set of edited by-laws has now been approved to accommodate the new structure of the IJSBA. An Interim IJSBA Board of Directors may be approved and in place until the first democratic elections in the various member groups will have taken place.

The following is a tentative election schedule for IJSBA Board of Directors:

Affiliate Representatives

  • Nominations will be carried out during the month of December 2004.
  • Elections of International Affiliate representatives will be held during the month of January 2005.

Associate/Aftermarket Members

  • Nominations are planned for the first week of December.
  • Election of the Associate Member representative will be held one week after nominations close.
  • Eligibility to elect the Associate Member representative will include current IJSBA Associate Members in good standing. Information about IJSBA Associate Membership can be found by clicking here.

Rider Members

  • Nominations are planned to start on or before December 2004.
  • Election of the Rider Member representative (and IJSBA Rider Committee Members) will be held two/three weeks after nominations close.
  • Eligibility to elect the rider representative will include current members in good standing from any IJSBA affiliated country and elections will be performed through the Internet ONLY, using a custom application developed for this purpose.

Manufacturer Members

  • Nominations and elections are planned for the second half of December.


  • There will be several Advisory Committees created to encourage and implement the adoption of common regulations and guidelines to ensure the most efficient management and to achieve the objectives and mission of the IJSBA.
  • Upon completed rider representative elections, an IJSBA Rider Committee will be appointed.
  • An interim IJSBA Technical Committee is already in place and will continue to serve for 2005.

IJSBA will manage the election process for all member groups as well as prepare the agenda and various responsibilities and duties of the elected Directors and Committees.

Upon completed elections, the first democratically elected IJSBA Board of Directors will be in control by Spring 2005. The Board will have full powers to meet the objectives of the Association as set forth by the by-laws. The newly approved by-laws will be available on the IJSBA website as soon as possible.

The IJSBA Board of Directors will consist of representatives from the Rider member group, Affiliate member group, Associate member group and Manufacturer member group in addition to the IJSBA Managing Director.

Details about the nomination and election process will be announced in the next weeks.