IJSBA has received the following report from the Belgium Jet Boat Federation regarding the second round of their 2024 series.  Action looks exciting as things ramp up for the European Championships which is the first round of the World Tour.


Last Sunday, the BJBF held its second round of the Belgian Championship at the beautiful lakes of l'Eau d'Heure, 


It was a beautiful weekend and the starting lines for the NOVICE, EXPERT and PRO Ski Lites as well as the starting line for the Yamaha SuperJet Challenge were well filled with riders from Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Estonia and the UK.

In the Rec Lites class, we welcomed 9 participants. Not only old acquaintances, but also some new pilots showed up to navigate.


With still 3 rounds to go, all 2024 Belgian Titles remain up for the grabs.

Knowing that we will offer a cashback on the entry fees for the 3 classes of the Belgian PRO Tour (but only for riders who have participated in all rounds),  we expect to have full starting lines again for the next upcoming races.


Results can be found here: https://jrts.jbip.be/schedule/Mzg=