Greetings racing enthusiasts.  It is just a little over seven weeks until the gates open for the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.  This update stared construction on the afternoon of August, 11, which is the second Monday of the month and the first day that it took a little longer to see the morning light.  The work day at IJSBA starts at about 6:30AM, when the first set of emails are reviewed, and the contrast between the light coming beneath the window shade and the laptop screen sets a reminder that another World Finals will come fast.  Aside from shrinking daylight other signs of World Finals approaching include: rumors about new products, school bells starting to ring, companies like Jettribe advertising jackets instead of shorts, and fall offerings like corn husks and pumpkins will start to be staged at the grocery stores. Crash diets, new workout programs, and changes in impeller pitches will all come with the onset of the Fall season.

This year is number 33 in a tradition that began in 1982 and is one we expect to last many more generations.  Many faces have changed in this sport- nothing like the equipment has, however.  Despite change and evolution, there have been a lot of constants.  This year will be another year of people traveling and pitting together.  Holders and other helpers will spend countless nights emptying out bugs full of Tremors at Kokomos.  Most of all, we will all gather at the riders’ meeting with heavy anticipation about what is about to come.  Then, we will gather at the awards ceremonies to celebrate what did happen and to start making our plans to do it all again next year.  Those who have not yet gone through this routine are in store for one of the greatest experiences of your life.

We just broke the fifty day mark.  The next thing you know, the weekly updates will start.  So, let’s get through this update hope the days go quickly until we all reunite in the desert.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing family.

  1.  Registration Opens Today

Registration for the 2014 Jettribe World Finals opens today.  For the next thirty days, there are discounted rates for early registration.  We offer this rate because it gives us the chance to finalize schedules early and minimize last minute adjustments when we are running full speed to get the event ready.  Besides saving money, there are reasons to register now.  If you are planning on competing in any of the controlled classes, these classes have closed before.  We remind first time competitors in GP Ski or GP Runabout, at World Finals, that you need clearance from IJSBA before registering.  Fourteen countries have already confirmed attendance at World Finals.  The likelihood of some classes filling is high.  Please save money and make life easier on all of us by registering early.

Click Here for entry forms.

  1. Pro Freestyle- Saturday Night Qualifying

Blowsion’s Nightime Pro Freestyle Show Under The London Bridge will return on October 11.  The same as last year, the first two Freestyle Motos will count for half points.  Unlike last year, only the top twelve Freestyle competitors from Saturday afternoon’s heat will be eligible to participate in the night show.  All competitors from Saturday Afternoon’s Moto One will still be allowed to compete in Sunday’s Moto Three.

Moto One, Saturday Afternoon and Moto Two Saturday Evening:

Pos. Points Pos. Points Pos. Points

1………….10       8…………..4.5     15 …………..1

2………….8.5      9…………..4        16 …………..(.5)

3………….7.5      10………….3.5    17 …………..(.5)

4………….6.5      11………….3       18 …………..(.5)

5………….6         12………….2.5    19 …………..(.5)

6………….5.5      13………….2       20 …………..(.5)

7………….5         14………….1.5

Moto Three Sunday Evening:

Pos. Points          Pos. Points          Pos. Points

1………….20       8…………..9        15 …………..2

2………….17       9…………..8        16 …………..1

3………….15       10………….7       17 …………..1

4………….13       11………….6       18 …………..1

5………….12       12………….5       19 …………..1

6………….11       13………….4       20 …………..1

7………….10       14………….3

Last year’s Night Show was standing room only at the shoreline of the London Bridge Resort.  We recommend that all persons interested in seeing this awesome show stake out their spot as early as possible.

  1. New Watercraft Announcements Coming Soon

Our secret spy reporters have told us that at least one new personal watercraft will be released in 2014 and that the general public will get their first view at World Finals.  Will there be more than one new PWC?  What kind will it be?  Well, I guess our spies aren’t all that great at their jobs.  But, rest assured there will be a new product to see.

  1. Junior Stars

****Shake Down Warning****  The Junior Stars program is one of the most exciting components of the annual World Finals.  For those of you who do not know about it, Junior Stars helps in the development of our youngest competitors.  Seasoned Pro Riders offer tips, guidance, and track experience to Junior aged competitors during the Ride With The Pros day.  During the awards ceremony, special awards are given to those Juniors who have been recognized by their evaluators as being extremely noteworthy in specific categories such as: “Pro’s Choice USA,” “Pro’s Choice International,” “Girl Power,” “Hardest Charger,” “Rookie of the Year,” “Most Improved,” and “Alumni Award.” Gift bags and other prizes are given out for the kids as well.  These bags don’t fill themselves.  The Junior Stars program is a result of the very hard work of Chris and Bridget Hagest. They need your support to make this event another hit for 2014.  All of the monies and gifts, absolutely 100%, goes towards the kids.  So, for those of you who can contribute, please email them at

  1. Flip Off

It wouldn’t be World Finals without a Flip Off.  Last year, Chris MacClugage came up with the idea of the top Pro Freestyle finishers squaring off on who could execute the most consecutive backflips.  His intentions were for this to be a world record achieving accomplishment for the winner.  This year, with the help of HydroTurf, the Pro Freestyle finisher, who can beat the currently listed record of 20 backflips, will make his (or her) way into The Guiness Book Of World Records.  Last year, more than twenty backflips were achieved so we expect a new record to be set this year.

  1. Reminder Of Restrictions On Entry In Some Classes

IJSBA offers some competition classes at the 2014 Jettribe World Finals that are meant to continue the traditions of certain types of watercraft that are no longer produced.  In addition to watercraft that once dominated the racing landscape, there are also categories for contemporary watercraft that are an alternative to the mainstream supercharged powered machines.  It is the intention of the IJSBA for these classes to be competitive and for these classes to serve as a racing environment for those persons who are unable to upgrade to newer equipment or who feel more comfortable competing on watercraft with moderate speeds.  These are not classes for top caliber competitors to park their careers.  So, please pay attention to the following classes:


Runabout Normally Aspirated
Runabout Classic Stock
Runabout Classic Limited
Runabout Classic Open

Amateur Rec Lites

Amateur Runabout 1000 Superstock

If you have a podium finish in an Expert level class, in the last three years, you may not participate in any of the above listed classes.  If you sign up for these classes, you will not receive a refund.  If you slip through the cracks (some of you are pretty clever when it comes to adding a last minute class) and try to participate, despite this prohibition, then you will be disqualified from all classes at World Finals. We are going to be very firm on  policing these classes.  Sandbagging will not be tolerated.

  1. IJSBA Redevelopment And Adjusting Priorities

IJSBA continues to evolve.  We have been keeping you posted of all of the changes we have been working on at the administrative level.  We have also been in regular communication with competitors, regional promoters, international affiliates, and venue hosts on subjects related to adjusting the needs of the sport for the next coming years.  Things are changing quickly in the motorsports landscape.  Impressions are increasingly a high criteria for sponsors while cable television broadcast is soon to be a less preferred medium to making those impressions.  The format of the sport needs to be prepared to present the same type of racing through new mediums.  We are also hearing from the international affiliates on a serious need to standardize run times for National and International titled races.  In the States, we are preparing to focus increasing the importance of regional and zone based racing.  The foundation of our planning is going to be: racing that has a nexus between the Regional Promoters, and supporters and manufacturers in those regions along with venues and hosts who can maintain a consistent market of returning customers.

We are also going to be looking heavily at consolidating classes by matching like performing watercraft in new ways to produce classes that can sustain growth.

During World Finals, there will be a US Promoters Meeting and an International Affiliates meeting.  This year, we will ask the US Promoters to select two members and the International Affiliates to select three members for a separate meeting.  Our goal will be to bring things into as uniformed of a program as possible and to make sure we are all evolving as a global group.

We advise competitors to share your ideas, concerns, and opinions with your local promoter and to also to inform IJSBA of the same by emailing

  1. Sponsorship And Vending Opportunities Are Almost Closed

This is shaping up to be a very well supported World Finals.  We are further ahead in planning and logistics than ever before and would like to use this momentum to create as many opportunities as possible.  We expect some surprise announcements of new partners for the 2014 Jettribe World Finals and want to extend every opportunity.  If you have ever wanted to be an exhibitor or sponsor of the IJSBA World Finals, this is the year!  Please email us for more details.

That’s it for this update.  We wish all of you who are still competing the best of luck for a successful and safe close to your racing season.  Please be sure to regularly check for important news between updates.