IJSBA is announcing tentative changes to the Vintage X2 Competition Rules.  The published X2 Rules require strict adherence to an OEM hull.  X2, in the Sport Spec category, have generally allowed to compete in Vintage X2.  However, X2 are allowed limited hull modifications as well as additional sponson allotments.  To keep X2 compatible in both classes, IJSBA intends to make the following additions to the vintage X2 Rules:


  1. Kawasaki Generation 1 X2 (pre 2005) may add front hull fills providing these fills do not exceed 36
    inches in length measured from the front most surface of the hull towards the rear of the hull. 
  2. All watercraft may be equipped with a maximum of four sponsons. Original equipment sponsons may be
    modified, aftermarket, repositioned or removed. Overall length of each sponson shall not exceed 91.45cm
    (36.00 in.). length shall be limited to 1,524 mm (60 in) in a single or two sponson configuration (per side).
    The decision of the Technical Director and/or Race Director regarding modifications will be final. Any
    question regarding the legality of modifications should be directed to the IJSBA or IJSBA affiliate prior to use
    in competition. Sponsons shall not protrude from the side of the hull by more than 100.00mm (3.94 in.) when
    measured in a level horizontal plane. The vertical channel created by the underside of the sponson shall not
    exceed 63.5mm (2.50 in.). No part of the sponsons shall extend downward below the point at which the side
    of the hull intersects the bottom surface of the hull by more than 63.5mm (2.50 in.). Aftermarket or modified
    sponsons must exceed 6mm (0.24 in.) in thickness. All leading edges must be radiused so as not to create a
    hazard. Sponsons may not be attached to the planing surfaces of the hull. Fins, rudders, skegs and other
    appendages that may create a hazard will not be allowed. (See diagrams in Appendix.)

IJSBA intends to make these changes final in 7 days (August 31).  Please send any questions or comments regarding this tentative change to IJSBA be emailing info@ijsba.com.