IJSBA is announcing on site hardship qualifying for the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals.  To be eligible for hardship qualifying you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. 1. You must have raced at one of the last two World Finals (2017 or 2018).
  2. 2. You must be a current member of IJSBA
  3. 3. You must sign an entry form listing your hardship.
  4. 4. You must complete a hardship qualifying heat to demonstrate your fitness to compete.
  5. 5. You must pay a $350.00 hardship fee of which $100.00 will be given to the promoter of the region from which you would have qualified.

Persons who qualify through the hardship method will not be eligible to request a hardship again for five years.  There are going to be no exceptions to any of the above criteria.  To arrange for a hardship qualifying please email info@ijsba.com