IJSBA is proud to present one of the most exciting new developments in PWC Racing: the 2015 JetRacer Endurance World Tour Championship.

For 2015, this event is a two round tour which begins with the very popular Mark Hahn 300 on February 28.  Competitors who opt to join the World Endurance Tour will have their watercraft transported from Lake Havasu City to the second round in Vladivostok, Russia.  Once in Vladivostok, there will an intense final round that lasts from August 11-16.  For the inaugural season, there will be two competition categories: Pro/Am Runabout Open and Runabout Stock..

Entry fees are $2,200 per team (in addition to Mark Hahn 300 fees).  Each inscription includes the following:

-Round trip shipping of a PWC from Lake Havasu City to Vladivostok, Russia and back to Lake Havasu City.
-One hotel room including breakfast.

Prize payout is as follows:

Pro/Am Runabout Open
1st Place: 12,000 USD
2nd Place: 6,000 USD
3rd Place: 3,000 USD

Runabout Stock
1st Place: $3,000 USD
2nd Place: $1,500 USD
3rd Place: $750 USD

These prizes are in addition to the prizes offered at the Mark Hahn 300 Round which carries its own title. As well, Russky GRAND PRIX carries how own title and prize money.

Participants in the Endurance World Championship must make their inscription prior to the start of the Mark Hahn 300.

This is just the start of an amazing new series in IJSBA Racing.  For 2016, there will be four or more stops as other venues have already signed on to host a round of this tour.  2015 participants will be given discounted entry fees for the 2016 tour.

Information will be coming rapidly, we urge every competitor to stay tuned to IJSBA for announcements as the start of this tour is just over two months away.  Please share this exciting news with all of your fellow competitors.