IJSBA is pleased to announce that the Sea-Doo Spark has met homologation standards for both  worldwide competition and United States based competition.  Effective immediately, the Sea-Doo Spark may be used in any IJSBA approved competition class in which the Spark is eligible.

Note:  The Spark 2Up and 3Up are be considered separate models despite being listed as the same PWC with different seating options.  Parts that solely appear on the 2Up will not necessarily be legal to exchange with the 3Up and vice versa.  The High Output option is considered the same model as units outfitted with the standard 900 ACE engine.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to determine whether any options selected for the Sea-Doo Spark are consistent with permitted accessories in the IJSBA Rule Book.

For questions about this notice, or about IJSBA homologation policies, please email: info@ijsba.com.