IJSBA is very pleased to announce that many attendees of the very first World Finals will be present at the 2021 40th Anniversary Jettrim World FInals.  IJSBA will be hosting a very special reception, Hall of Fame Reunion, and milestone commemoration during the event as well as other celebratory moments during the competition week.  Please stay tuned for more details.  In the meantime, please see the updated list of our sport's pioneers who were at the 1982 IJSBA World Finals.

Confirmed Attending:

Tony Corry- Attended Every World Finals

Roger Danner 

Burt Stanley

Brian Bendix

Clayton Greenwood 

Celeste “Peterson” Ward

Johnny O’ Silverstien 

Doug Silverstien 

Billy Silverstien 

Vello Lippand

Chuck Koontz

Steve Stricklin- Attended All But One World Finals and we are going to not count the one he missed because it was 2020

Linda Stricklin 

Brad Southworth

Rusty Sharman

Bob Phares

Brenda “Burns” Chambers

Not Yet Confirmed To Attend:

Mark Greene

Rick Silverstien 

Chris Lauber

Ron Lathrop

Gary Leanza 

Tommy Koscica

Steaven Greenwood 

Steve Latham

Ra Mona Danhert


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