IJSBA is pleased to release the final details and plans for the 2015 IJSBA World Endurance Tour with stops in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA and Vladivostok, Russia.  This is the first time an IJSBA World Championship has been produced by more than one round of competition.  This exciting program is scheduled to increase for 2016 and include more stops around the globe.

The 2015 Jetracer Endurance World Tour will produce the most prestigious World Champion title in the history of sanctioned endurance racing.  The title will be earned by the two person team, or iron man, with the best score out of 1,600 possible points.  The score will be determined by using the best four finishes out of five total possible finishes.

The first round of the tour is the very popular Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial 300, presented by Yamaha.  This event takes place February 28.  One of the most recognized PWC events in the world, the Mark Hahn celebrates its 11th year of sending the most skilled endurance athletes on a 300 mile race in Lake Havasu City.  Mark Hahn 300 Competitors who choose to participate in the JetRacer World Tour will have additional trophies and prizes for the United States leg of the tour.

After the Mark Hahn 300, competitors will have their watercraft shipped to Vladivostok, Russia where they will be stored until claimed for the August 11 start of the JetRacer Vladivostok leg of the competition.  Racers in Vladivostok will compete for five intense days comprising of three one day heats and one two day heat.

There are two categories of competition: Runabout Open and Runabout Stock.  Competitors may participate in a team or an individual may choose to race solo as an Iron Man.

Overall scoring will award the World Champion by using the best four finishing positions of the team or individual Racer. Competitors who do not sign up before the start of the Mark Hahn 300 must drop the Mark Hahn 300 and their total will come from the JetRacer event only.

World Championship points will be Points are allotted as follows:

Hot Products Mark Hahn 300

One Heat                                             400

Jettribe JetRacer Russia

Day 1, 1 Heat                                      400
Day 2 &3, 1 Heat                                400
Day 4, 1 Heat                                      400
Day 5,  1 Heat                                     400

World Champion Title is based on the best of 1600 Points from 2000 possible points.

Competitors who ship from the USA will have their watercraft returned at the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  A Long Course endurance race is tentatively planned for the 2015 Finals.  Opportunities will be available to then ship the endurance craft to the 2015 Kings Cup.

Prize money for the overall World Championships are as follows:

Pro/Am Runabout Open
1st Place: 12,000 USD
2nd Place: 6,000 USD
3rd Place: 3,000 USD

Runabout Stock
1st Place: $3,000 USD
2nd Place: $1,500 USD
3rd Place: $750 USD


The IJSBA Endurance World Championship inscription fees are $2,200 which includes the JetRacer entry fees, one hotel room, for two persons, for the five days of competition, breakfast each day, and round trip shipping of one watercraft from Lake Havasu City, to Vladivostok, and back to Lake Havasu City.  Mark Hahn 300 entry fees are not included.

Entry forms will be available with the official launch of the JetRacer website the first week of February, 2015.  For immediate questions, please email