IJSBA is announcing the eligibility criteria for the 2021 Jettrim WGP1 World Finals.  IJSBA is mindful of the impact of the COVID pandemic and that relief is nowhere near complete.  Travel has been difficult for many people and, in some cases, earning an income has been an impossibility.  Therefore, IJSBA posts the following eligibility criteria for athletes wishing to participate in the World Finals in October of this year.  There are different criteria for United States and International Competitors.


  Competitors who are United States Citizens must compete in at least two IJSBA Sanctioned Event in the United States in the calendar year 2021.  Competitors who participated in the 2020 World Finals and had competed in an IJSBA Sanctioned Event, in the United States, in 2020 need only compete in one event United States event in 2021.  Competitors who competed in the 2019 IJSBA World Finals and were eligible to compete by participating in two IJSBA Sanctioned Events, in the United States, may participate in the 2021 World Finals by paying an eligibility fine of $200 (these fines will be held and used to subsidize insurance costs, for competitors, for the 2022 competition season).  Persons not meeting these criteria must submit a hardship requirement which will require some proof that there was an intention to race in 2019 and that the competitor has had an active IJSBA membership.  There will be a substantial fine for competitors using a hardship method for eligibility.


  International competitors must be an active member in an IJSBA Affiliate from the country which matches the passport of the competitor.  If the competitor does not have an IJSBA Affiliate in the competitors country depicted on the passport then the purchase of an International License will be required.  This on site license will be required regardless of whether the competitor has purchased any other on-site license abroad.  On site licensees will have to declare familiarity with IJSBA rules and show proof if race history since 2019.  Runabout competitors will be highly scrutinized.  International Competitors, not from an IJSBA Affiliated Organizer are highly advised to clear eligibility well in advance.  IJSBA Affiliates must have 2021 Affiliate Fees and paperwork completed prior to World Finals.  If an affiliate is in arrears for any previous year, those fees will not need to be paid prior to the 2021 event, only the 2021 fees will be required.  In all circumstances, competitors must prove the eligibility for the categories in which the seek to participate at World Finals.


For questions or comments regarding these eligibility criteria, please email info@ijsba.com.