The IJSBA is proud to announce the TENTATIVE dates, location, and classes for the 2007quakysense World Finals. The dates are based off of the plan to have every World Finals on the first full week of October.

When reviewing the suggested classes, please bear in mind that the suggested rule changes for 2007 have not yet been posted. These will be posted by October 25 and will be subject to a 15 day comment period. These rule changes may have effects on existing classes.

The 2007 event will continue down the path of being the World’s premiere PWC gathering. Comprehensive events, seminars, and activities are being planned for all segments of the PWC industry, sport, and lifestyle.

Dates and location:

October 6-14, Crazyhorse Campgrounds and Resort, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA


2007 quakysense World Finals
World’s PWC Convention and Trade Show

Classes (Tentative)

Ski Classes:

  1. Pro Ski Open
  2. Pro Ski Stock
  3. Pro Am Women’s Ski Limited
  4. Expert Ski Stock
  5. Expert Ski Limited
  6. Expert Veterans Ski Open
  7. Amateur Ski Open
  8. Amateur Ski Lites
  9. Novice Ski Limited
  10. Novice Ski Stock
  11. Novice Women’s Ski Limited
  12. Novice Veteran’s Ski Open
  13. Masters Ski Stock
  14. Masters Ski Open
  15. Junior Ski 10-12 Stock
  16. Junior Ski 10-12 Lites
  17. Junior Ski 13-15 Limited
  18. Junior Ski 13-15 Stock
  19. Junior Ski 13-15 Lites

Runabout Classes:

  1. Pro Runabout Open
  2. Pro Am Runabout Stock
  3. Pro Am Runabout Four Stroke Limited
  4. Expert Runabout Limited
  5. Amateur Runabout Open
  6. Amateur Runabout Lites (Stock Class, Normally Aspirated PWC only- Honda Likely Allowed)
  7. Amateur Runabout Four Stroke Stock
  8. Amateur Runabout 800 Limited
  9. Novice Runabout Limited
  10. Novice Runabout Stock
  11. Runabout 800 Open
  12. Women’s Runabout
  13. Veterans Runabout

Sport Classes:

  1. Sport Modified
  2. X2 Semi-Stock

Freestyle Classes:

  1. Pro Freestyle
  2. Amateur Freestyle
  3. Juniors Sick Trick Contest

Additional World Title Events:

  1. Drag Racing
  2. Semi Oval
  3. Slalom

For more information, phone: (714) 751-8695 or email to