IJSBA has made an arrangement with the Parker Sports Center, just down the river from Lake Havasu City, to have available twenty-five 2017 Kawasaki SX-R to ensure that a sufficient supply of the watercraft is available to competitors participating in the 2017 Blowsion World Finals.



IJSBA cannot arrange a watercraft sale below the MSRP of a unit which is $9,999.00 USD.  However, the partnership with Parker Sports Center allows special incentives for those participating in the event.  Each MSRP purchase of the new SX-R includes the following:

1.       $9999.00 USD this full price paid to Parker Sports Center for an SX-R assembled and ready to ride.

2.       A single entry in any Ski Class where the SX-R is eligible*

3.       A special Kawasaki/IJSBA swag gift bag.

4.       Special welcome early sign-in at World Finals.

5.       Special reserved 10x20 tent space in “Kawasaki SX-R Village” near the Kawasaki Factory Support truck.

  Persons interested in purchasing a 2017 Kawasaki SX-R with these special terms must contact IJSBA to confirm availability and reserve one of the twenty-five units.  Payments are made to Parker Sports Center after a reservation is confirmed.  Please email info@ijsba.com for more information. 

* Included entry is based on the pre-registration rate on the IJSBA World Finals entry form and does not include grounds fees.  Included entry is applied to classes where there is no payout.  SX-R promotion purchasers may apply credit towards 50% of the fee, excluding grounds fees, for any class where there is a payout.