IJSBA is announcing changes to the 2017 World Finals Class Offerings.  Based upon correspondence received from regular competitors, IJSBA has restored the previous system of Naturally Aspirated Runabout categories: Stock, Limited, and Open.  IJSBA has returned a Junior Ski 10-12 slalom opportunity by combining slalom and closed course for a separate Junior Ski 10-12 Lites Challenge.  Please see the following information.

IJSBA has cancelled the standalone Naturally Aspirated Runabout class and has replaced it with Naturally Aspirated Stock, Naturally Aspirated Limited, and Naturally Aspirated Open.  Two and Four Stroke watercraft are allowed in each category.  Entries received for the previous Naturally Aspirated Runabout consolidated class will be diverted to the Naturally Aspirated Stock Class unless requested otherwise by competitors.  Please be advised that, in 2018, the classes will have skill based designations.  For 2017, these classes must, each, have 10 prepaid entries prior to the close of pre-registration or risk cancelation.

Junior 10-12 competitors will have a second Lites Class opportunity.  This class, Junior Ski 10-12 Lites Challenge will take points from a slalom run and two motos to award a winner based on cumulative points.  The closed course motos are separate from the motos of the standalone Junior Ski 10-12 Lites class and requires a separate entry.  Competitors must use a Lites legal watercraft in the slalom.

The schedule will be changing frequently to accommodate entries as they come in.  IJSBA reserves the right to adjust the schedule as we go and all Novice, Amateur, and Expert classes could be held on any day through Friday October 6.  Weather, or other unexpected incidents, could result in classes being postponed, consolidated, cancelled, or adjusted at the sole discretion of IJSBA.

An updated entry form may be downloaded here:  Entry Form 2017 Updated.  The online registration has already been updated.