IJSBA is releasing additional items that will be considered for changes to the 2023 Competition Rule Book and other competition policies.  These items were inadvertently left off of the previous posting.  Please note them below:


  1. If IJSBA removes the 900cc displacement cap on Amateur Freestyle, shall IJSBA add performance restrictions to distinguish the engine performance level from those allowances in Pro Freestyle?
  2. Shall IJSBA increase the length allowance for hull/top deck configurations in Ski GP Classes?  [This suggestion was submitted as allowing the 1500cc based Kawasaki SXR.  However, since GP Ski Rules do not require the top deck remain OEM, this rule would essential allow any design configuration expect at the length of the 1500 based SXR.  Therefore, the suggestion amounts to increasing the maximum length of any allowed configuration that otherwise meets IJSBA standards.]
  3. Shall IJSBA allow fuel tank and fuel pump replacements for 1500cc Kawasaki SXR?
  4. Shall IJSBA create an age 16-17 Category of all Junior Classes and offer these classes at World Finals?
  5. Shall IJSBA create more strict rules about impeding riders including strict penalties on cutting off riders at the checkered flag merge?


Please send questions or comments regarding this posting by emailing info@ijsba.com.  The IJSBA Managing Director's recommended course of action on these suggested changes will be released within 24 hours.