IJSBA is reminding competitors that this year initiated a change in the Masters categories where the minimum age was moved from 40 to 45 years old.  When this rule was passed, competitors were notified that persons over 40 were able to appeal the the exclusion.

Notice of appeals were last sent out in the End Of Spring Update of this year (https://ijsba.com/2015/05/30/2015-end-of-spring-update/):

“IJSBA Hearing Appeals For Masters Ski Age Changes

IJSBA changed the age of Masters Ski competitors from 40 years to 45 years.  IJSBA will be hearing appeals from persons who have competed in Masters Ski and are older than 42 that they might be “grandfathered” into Masters Ski.  Such an appeal may be sent by persons who have competed in Masters Ski, at IJSBA World Finals, every year since they were the age of 40.  If you have such an appeal, it may be sent to info@ijsba.com.  IJSBA also welcomes comments from competitors, aged 45 and older, who object to such appeals.  IJSBA will not be hearing appeals to grandfather competitors into Veterans Ski classes.  35 years will remain the minimum age to compete in Veterans Ski.”

Appeals are accepted and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Generally, three years of consecutive competition in the Masters Classes will be required to grant an appeal, however, other circumstances may be evaluated.

IJSBA urges competitors to send in any appeals right away.  Appeals may be emailed to info@ijsba.com.