Welcome to the spring season.  Spring officially started on March 20.  Spring is the time when the bulk of the racing for the year has either been announced or has actually began.  We have crossed the 200 day mark before the opening of the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  Summer is around the corner and, before you know it, we will be announcing 2015 season end champions from around the world.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing family.



  1. IJSBA Announces 2015 US Championship


IJSBA is proud to announce a collaboration with our partner in producing the United States National Championship.  IJSBA is hosting a single round National Championship this summer in cooperation with a current organizer of Personal Watercraft competitions.  We expect this relationship to be a centerpiece in a streamline of new developments for IJSBA, in the US and globally.


Currently, the last stage of planning is deciding between two different dates and venues so we are going to hold you in suspense for a couple more days as the final details are sorted.  Rest assured that the last several months of consideration have gone into deciding a new plan that is in the best interest of the sport and the racers. Besides, this will give us a chance to keep working on a spinning newspaper animation that is built into a prop, this would be cool to use for breaking news.


For more information, be sure to check ijsba.com regularly.  But, you do that already, right?  In the meantime, be sure to join others in social media gossip and the spreading of fabulously incorrect information.  Seriously, though, this is going to be exciting and we look forward to unveiling or new plan for an affordable and well organized national championship which is a building tool to a comprehensive plan that boosts regional racing numbers.


  1. IJSBA Racing And General Assembly Process Is Starting To Take Shape


IJSBA has long been telling the racing community about the General Assembly in Lake Havasu City this October.  The process and formation of the Congress of the Rules is almost complete.  All IJSBA Affiliates will join key aftermarket industry leaders, racers, and OEM representatives in voting for the rules, and other policies, for a two year period.  We are proud to announce the vision for this process.  IJSBA International Headquarters will continue to operate similar to now by overseeing homologation and maintaining a licensing system to International Affiliates which allows exclusive use of the IJSBA intellectual properties and resources.  IJSBA will also license the rule change process and World Finals governance to IJSBA Racing, and company based out of Lake Havasu City.  IJSBA Racing will host the Congress of the Rules through a General Assembly.


The General Assembly will be divided into an upper parliament and a lower parliament.  The upper parliament will have five votes: Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania (South Africa will be included in the Oceania vote block).  The upper parliament will also have a two vote block that comes from the worldwide racing community voting, by a majority popular vote.  The lower parliament will have all International Affiliates voting as individuals along with racer representatives, aftermarket representatives, and OEM representatives.  Each level of parliament will pass an item for vote by simple majority.  Where an item does not receive the same result in both levels of parliament then the proportion of possible votes will be weighed and this percentage will determine whether an item passes or fails.  The passed items will be transferred to IJSBA International Headquarters for ratification.  Rule changes will be good for two years.  The working constitution for this process will be released by the next month and we will start to test some online voting methods.  We hope the community will enjoy this amount of participation in forming policies for the organization.


  1. Kuwait International Jet Ski Race


Kuwait just completed their first International Jet Ski Race hosted by the Kuwait Sea Sports Club.  This was an impressive first effort and shows the potential to emerge as one of the globe’s leading competitions.  There were four categories: Runabout GP, Ski GP, Pro-Am Runabout Stock, and Beginner Runabout Stock.  With an $81,000 prize purse, there was a lot of excitement for a race that was only announced a couple of weeks prior to it actually happening.  A complete report is being prepared for this race but we want to congratulate the winners of the classes now:


Runabout GP:  Mohammad Murbayea (Kuwait)


Ski GP:  Ludovic Caumont  (France)


Pro Am Runabout Stock:  Waleed Al Sharsheeni (Qatar)


Beginner Runabout Stock:   Zaid Al Zaidi (Kuwait)


Kuwait’s Abdulaziz Al Armali won the Freestyle competition which was held in front of the Minister of Youth and Sport and an entourage of dignitaries.  Please watch for the complete report this week and we look forward to bringing you the news of more plans in Kuwait and the surrounding region.



  1. Traveling Aqualife Festival


IJSBA is working with some world organizers for the creation of an Aqualife Festival.  If it comes into fruition, the Aqualife Festival will pair PWC Racing with a traveling trade show of some of the latest watersports products and technology.  The intention is to demonstrate the planet’s most extreme form of water activity while showcasing the latest items that will allow people to enjoy water based recreation in ways never before thought possible.  Key markets for these competition are both emerging markets as well as existing markets where the watersport lifestyle is continuing to expand.  IJSBA has always been a reliable source for driving sales in the watersports industry and this planned touring festival will continue that tradition.  This is just another one of the many exciting plans for growth in IJSBA this year.


  1. Reminder Of IJSBA World Endurance Tour


IJSBA would like to remind the competition community that the 2015 IJSBA World Endurance Tour will conclude in Vladivostok, Russia, in August 11-16.  It is not too late to enter the event and it is possible to win the overall world championship without being scored in the Mark Hahn 300, which was the first leg of the tour.  For $2,200, competitors receive their entry fees, lodging, and round trip shipment of their watercraft from Lake Havasu City and back.  Watercraft will be returned prior to the 2015 quakysense World Finals for those who want to participate in the Endurance Sprint portion of that event.   For any last minute questions, please contact Peter DeSmet by emailing info@ijsba.eu.


  1. Other Event  Reminders


IJSBA would like to give reminders to the community of several competitions coming up:


  • Surf And Turf Race April 4-5, Tavares Florida
  • Gary Hart Memorial/Jettribe Best of the West April 11-12, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
  • P1 Aqua X First Round, April 25-26, Daytona Beach, FL
  • Pacific Northwest Watercross April 25-26, Lincoln City, Or
  • Nauti Water Round 1 May 30-31, Wichita Kansas


Competitors must participate in two IJSBA Sanctioned events to be eligible for the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  The IJSBA events calendar is regularly updated and can be found at https://ijsba.com/events/.


This concludes the spring update.  If you have any questions regarding this update, or any other questions regarding IJSBA, please email info@ijsba.com