2013-Hydroturf-Fight-Club-Ad-webIJSBA has received this notice from Hydroturf regarding their Saturday Night party:

It’s on!!! Come out to join us for a night of carnage and laughs. We will have a Jousting ring and a inflatable boxing ring for you to challenge your best friend or best frenemy to do battle and settle that old grudge you have been carrying around. Defeat your initial opponent and then defeat the rest of the winners to become Champion of the night.

There will be 2 classes, Men and Women.
Men’s Boxing Champ $100 Cash
Women’s Boxing Champ $200 Cash
Men’s Jousting Champ $100 Cash
Women’s Jousting Champ $200 Cash

There will be a couple kegs of beer at no charge to all who attends, swag toss outs, drink specials and Hot Wheel car races. We look forward to putting on a great party each year as a show of appreciation to all racers and fans of this great sport. Hope to see you all out there.

Thank you to all of the other sponsors who make it possible for these party’s happen each year. Blowsion, Pro-Rider, LVP, Liquid Militia and Kay Sykes Photography…


Apparently some of you misunderstood our playful disclaimer when this was initially posted.  This is ok, so long as you get the point: IJSBA does not produce this event and it is not a part of World Finals.  Therefore, please realize that we accept no responsibility for any results of participating in a boxing or jousting competition….especially where free kegs of beer are involved.