Hot Products, the world's largest distributor, always has something going on. This month they are alerting us of Atlantis motorsports products and their involvement in the US Freestyle Tour. Please see their May update below:


During the 2016 season many of you asked why we did not have more of the small everyday and very important items on hand like landyards and flush kits. These are the small items that would have been added to the end of the orders.

We listen to all recommendations like this and value your opinion... so for the 2017 season we have made a large investment with the help of Brandon and Larry at Atlantis Enterprises and now have inventory on hand and ready for the season.

These will be great items for your customers to come in and grab them along with the items they came to get for their next ride or trip.

2nd annual West Coast round of IJSBA sanctioned freestyle only tour P1 Racing Fuels US Freestyle Championship (USFC) took place in capital of personal watercraft Lake Havasu City, Arizona on Saturday April 29th, 2017.

USFC is a new format of competition that separates freestyle from high speed racing on personal watercraft.

The event features 4 classes:
Freestyle Beginner Open, Freestyle 800, Freestyle 900 and Freestyle 1200.
All athletes perform a 2 minute qualifying routine to set the order of the competition 2 minute routine, both routines are judged by five different judges, one judge per criteria: variety, difficulty, execution, flow and number of tricks.
The judges were:
#1 Vaclav "Iceman" Zacek - Iceman also is the event promoter and producer
#2 Larry Rippenkroeger - Freestyle World Champion
#3 Thomas "Tomski" Suchodolski
#4 Paul "Cowboy" King
#5 Tom Perry - Hot Products

The judging for this event is awesome, exciting and most important very consistent and fair. I had a great time being the judge for the trick count. I hope this judging criteria can be incorporated into other IJSBA events.
Record breaking 22 freestyle athletes from not only Arizona, California and Nevada but also Virginia and Alaska took part in the event making it biggest national freestyle competition in the USA.

Congratulations to all the competitors that competed and a special shout out to:
The Rickter, RRP, TC Freeride and Hot Products sponsored Riders:
Mark Gomez 1st Place 1200 Freestyle
Tanner Thomas 2nd Place 1200 Freestyle
Hassan Abudawood 1st Place 900 Freestyle
Coy Curtis Age 10 Freestyle Open Beginner (his 1st competition)
*Coy had the highest total trick count is his class

This event is professional filmed and edited to create videos that are posted for viewing. Checkout the videos by visiting
*Note the 2017 Havasu event is in editing and will be posted very soon.
All results can be find on the official website: