IJSBA has received this updated from Hot Products regarding the availability of R&D Personal Watercraft Products:

With the closure of R&D Racing this has created a void in our industry for some key parts that are needed. Over the past 6 weeks Hot Products made a weekly trip to the R&D Racing facility and purchased R&D inventory items as they became available during the R&D Racing closure process.

Hot Products has a limited availability of these items that were purchased, some items are complete ready to sell items, some items require packaging and some items require some time to assemble the final part for sale.

Not all of these R&D Racing items are available in our inventory lookup at this time, please check the inventory lookup first.

If you are looking for an R&D Racing part that does not show available, discontinued or does not show as a valid part number, please email to your contact listed below, please email us the part number, part description and quantity needed

International customers please email Scott Saito

US customers please email Tom Perry

If we do not have the R&D part available we will cross reference the item if possible and offer you the alternate.

We will have additional updates and information on replacement parts for the R&D products during this winter season, if there is an important part that you feel is valuable to our industry and is not available from another supplier please email to Tom@HotProductsUSA.com and we will research our options.