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2017 Kawasaki 1500SX-R

Now that the Kawasaki has started shipping the 2017 1500SX-R to the dealers and
there were 9 of them racing at 2017 Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300 there have been a lot of questions to what new parts are in development and what existing parts will bolt on to the new SX-R.

We are currently collection all the new part information and will be publishing a 2017 1500SX-R New Product feature poster in April.

Here is information pertaining for upgrading the handlepole:
All models of the RRP handlepoles will bolt on to the 2017 SX-R OEM handlepole bracket, to change the pole you will need to loosen the handlepole bracket to raise it up to be able to remove the pole bolt since it sits lower than the nose of the ski.

The new SX-R is very heavy compared to the previous 800SXR, based on this RRP currently is recommending the Billet Pole for the new SX-R based on the strength of the RRP Billet pole, testing of the cast pole and the lightweight poles will be done asap and updated information will New Product feature poster in April.

RRP steering cable bracket:
The 2017 SX-R has a revised steering cable in some cases the RRP steering cable bracket will need to be relocated so the steering system will hit the RRP steering stop rather than the cable stops before hitting the steering stop which would cause the cable to break, bend or bind.

Chin Pad:
The OEM chin pad has 2 warning lights built into it, when the OEM handlepole is changed to a RRP pole and RRP chin pad the lights location will need to be addressed. Some racers have drilled holes for the lights and mounted them to the RRP chin pad. Another option is to relocate the lights to the dash/riders tray of the ski, this change will require some additional work based on the OEM air filter/intake is mounted to the bulkhead.
*Prowatercraft has started production on a chin pad that will have alarm light holes standard

Front hood hooks:
the OEM hood is very heavy and it is recommended during the pole conversion to change the from hood hooks to a billet set of hooks
R&D Racing Part# 660-80005 *These are direct bolt on
ADA Racing Part# 31-600200 *These are direct bolt on
Blowsion Part# 04-04-101 *Some medication might be required
TBM Racing Part# TBM109 *Some medication might be requiredd

2017 Hot Products Price List Begin Shipping March 1st
The 2017 Hot Products price list printing will be done March 1st and catalogs with price lists will begin shipping immediately.

The 2017 Hot Products catalog has been posted on our website and we have all the previous catalogs posted all the way back to 2002.

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