Hot Products Update April 12th, 2020
IJSBA has received the following notice from Hot Products, the world largest distributor of Personal Watercraft performance accessories and the first name in event sponsorship. They are doubling their efforts to make sure that they are functioning safe and well so that the parts distribution chain can stay in tact as we weather the pandemic.


We are open and accepting orders, we are working very hard to keep up with all the orders and ship each day but based our limited winter season staff during this time order processing, order packing and shipping might take an extra day or 2 in some cases.

Hot Products is taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and our goal is to keep our employees and families protected the best we can as that will enable us to provide our customers with uninterrupted services.
We have implemented safety measures and no longer allow outside vendors, customers or visitors to enter inside facilities and implemented social distancing in office and warehouse.
Our goal is to have flexibility and work to serve our customers as long as it is safe.
Hot Products will continue to monitor Local and Federal Governments and World Organizations for any mandatory directive that could affect our business. Should we see that a mandated directive will impact our day to day business we will do our best to notify you direct through email and post updates on our social media.


The 2020 Hot products Catalogs are here and we are shipping catalogs with dealer orders. The 2020 Hot Products Catalog is available online by visiting

Inventory Lookup
We recently had to make a server change for our website and inventory lookup, please remove your bookmark for our website and make a new one once you visit Note: the https:// version of the website and inventory lookup will no longer be available.

Need to know if we have a part in stock? all you have to do is visit, enter the full part number and hit enter, we strive to have our inventory as accurate as possible, some items like Rickter-RRP Parts will ask you to contact us for inventory availability and in most cases there are in fact in stock. The inventory look up is available anytime you need it.