This just in from Hot Products. The new Alpha-1 boot, by Works H2O Designs, is now being carried by Hot Products- the world's largest PWC Distributor. Hot Products will also be offering the very popular Factory Zero watercraft tote at the trade show portion of the 2017 Blowsion World Finals. Pre orders are available. Please see the official Hot Products Update:

Hot Products Now Distributing Works H2O Designs Boots
Hot Products is proud to announce that we are now a distributor of the Works H2O Designs products.

The Alpha-1 Boots are "A BETTER BOOT"

The boots have been tested the best racers around the world and are now becoming the racers choice when it comes to boots.

The Alpha-1 Boots are offered in: Blue, Black and Red

Retail price is $129.00 - Dealer pricing will be available

Hot Products will receive our first shipment of boots in one week.

Thank you to Bill Scott owner of Works H2O Designs for creating a great product and there are more racing products in development now.

  Size 7: A1BLU06 A1BLK06 A1RD06
  Size 8: A1BLU07 A1BLK07 A1RD07
  Size 9: A1BLU08 A1BLK08 A1RD08
  Size 10: A1BLU09 A1BLK09 A1RD09
  Size 11: A1BLU10 A1BLK10 A1RD10
  Size 12: A1BLU11 A1BLK11 A1RD11
  Size 12: A1BLU12 A1BLK12 A1RD12
  Size 13: A1BLU13 A1BLK13 A1RD13

Factory Zero World Finals Booth
Factory Zero Participation at 2017 Blowsion IJSBA World Finals

August 18, 2017: Factory Zero will be participating in the 2017 Blowsion IJSBA World Finals Vendor Alley in Lake Havasu City, AZ September 30 to October 8, 2017.

Factory Zero noted that the company is proud to present their expanded line of Jet Launchers, Totes and Fishing accessories at their booth from October 2nd thru the 8th.

Factory Zero, Rickter-RRP and Blowsion will have be offering for sale the complete Factory Zero product line available in the vendor alley.

If you would like to purchase a Factory Zero Jet Launcher before the vendor alley and event starts please contact Hot Products to place your pre-order.