Hot Products wishes the PWC Community happy holidays!

Happy Holidays, we hope you and your family have a great and relaxing holiday!

Thank you to all our dealers and vendors for a great 2014.

2015 is just 15 days away and we have already started working on the first projects of 2015.

Here is an update on our progress:

The 2015 Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial 300 is 10 weeks away.

The 2015 Hot Products catalog is in production and we have completed over 100 pages.

New products and information for 2015 are being gathered for the catalog.

The Hot Products Holiday Schedule:

Week of 12.22.14
Open Monday 12.22.14 and Tuesday 12.23.14
Closed Wednesday 12.24.14, Thursday 12.25.14 and Friday 12.26.14
Week of 12.29.14

Open Monday 12.29.14, Tuesday 12.30.14 and Wednesday 12.31.14
Closed Thursday 1.1.15 and Friday 1.2.15