The International Jet Sports Boating Association would like to wish the entire Personal Watercraft Racing Community a very happy Easter Sunday.  Whether your Easter is centered on spirituality, the Spring season, or just a love for sweets, colored eggs, and big brunches, today is a day commonly celebrated by gathering with loved ones.  Gatherings of this sort are normally spent discussing the plans for the upcoming spring and summer seasons events- especially about plans for Personal Watercraft Racing.  While things are temporarily on hold, the planning is not- IJSBA is regularly working with several permitting agencies to get the next events going as soon as they can be authorized to begin.  We are seeing signs of hope that the hold will slowly but surely lifted and a quantifiable date to do so will soon be know.  Be thoughtful today and ready for us to tackle tomorrow and each day as we get closer to being able to put that next date on your calendar.  Please check in on every couple of days as announcements will start coming this week.  

By the way, one of those Easter Bunny Jetski toys is currently available on Ebay (which is where I poached the picture):