It is here, as of an hour ago when we first open up, internally, it is the 35th Birthday of the IJSBA World Finals.

Over the years so many people have made the World Finals the very special event that it is.  The list, of course, is too long to present here but know that everyone who has ever been involved is part of the legacy.

As a birthday present to us, our pre registration numbers are up 21 persons from this time last year.  We have a new Ski to be introduced and many new faces to welcome to the event.  We also celebrate the return of many friends with whom we have competed against, teamed with, and enjoyed making the most of Personal Watercraft Racing.

IJSBA is marking this occasion to forge new directions in the sport in both the class structure and the decorum we expect from our participants, sponsors, partners, and staff.  We strive to make the World Finals the best experience possible and know that reaching this goal requires to cooperation of everyone within.

We wish you the very best of success and whether you are a participant, spectator, or someone reading this posting from a location far from the Lake Havasu City, we thank you for sharing this very special milestone in the sport with us.