Summer takes forever to get here and it seems to go by too fast.  All of a sudden, we are two and a half months from the start of the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.  The push has already started with numerous competitors requesting paperwork for their visits.  At least fifteen shipping companies have contacted us to start the process for bringing the containers full of watercraft to the Crazy Horse Campgrounds (thank you to those of you who get your paperwork completed before September).  All signs point to a large and successful World Championship event and we will keep the momentum going to deliver.  Lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Even though World Finals talk will gradually dominate more and more of the news, there is plenty of great racing still to go before summer ends.  We will keep bringing you news and results as quickly as we get them.  In the meantime, please share the following IJSBA news and updates with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing community.

  1.  Technical and Policy Updates:

Since the last update, there have been clarifications and reminders that have circulated at some of the races and we wanted to make sure that everyone has access to the information:

-Tensioner on Kawasaki Runabouts

Competitors have inquired as to whether the tensioner wheel is covered in the allowances for aftermarket pulleys and wheels in of the Limited Class section of the IJSBA Rule Book.  IJSBA confirms that the tensioner wheel is, indeed, one of the wheels covered under this provision.

-Fuel pressure regulator

In IJSBA Rule 6.6.4, it is clearly required that fuel pumps remain stock.  Fuel pressure regulators may be modified, or aftermarket, to change the fuel pressure.  IJSBA recommends that where competitors are seeking to modify the fuel pressure regulator that is integrated into the pump, that your configuration is approved by IJSBA before use in sanctioned competition.

-Switching boats more than once per class

The question has been posed as to whether a competitor who was allowed to use a backup watercraft after qualifying, instead of the watercraft that qualified the competitor for the main event motos (or between motos when there is no qualifying), may switch back to the original watercraft use to qualify.  The following is the IJSBA response to this question:

First, to be clear, switching a boat after the first moto is not a matter of right for a competitor.  The possibility of switching a boat comes after the approval of a Race Director.

The purpose of allow the switching of boats is to provide opportunities for a fair chance for a competitor to continue a course of motos when a mechanical failure or crash was not the fault of the competitor.

IJSBA RULE 12.1.8 requires that the competitor use the same watercraft in all motos.  12.1.8 also allows for the possibility of using a second or backup boat under the approval of the Race director.  This rule does not indicate how many times a backup boat may be switched.  The rule also does not indicate whether switching to the original watercraft used in the first moto is an additional change.

IJSBA Rule 2.2.2 describes the Race Director’s authority when the language of the Rule Book does not cover all of the specific needs of a particular circumstance.  Rule 2.2.2 clearly gives the Race Director the instruction to use fair competition as the guiding principle in interpreting the bounds of a rule.

Where the Race Director determined that the best interests of fair competition were served by not allowing a competitor to switch a boat then the decision of the Race Director shall not be appealed to IJSBA as stated in Rule 20.1.1.

Taking all of the above into account, IJSBA concludes the following:

  1.  The Race Director’s decision in the matter of denying a boat switch in Moto 3 is final and may not be appealed above administration at the event in question.
  2. When a Race Director approves a second or backup watercraft to be used, then that replacement watercraft is the watercraft that must be used in the remaining motos.  This means that the first watercraft used is no longer eligible to compete in remaining motos at the competitor’s discretion.  To rule otherwise would give the competitor an enormous advantage in that the competitor would have his/her choice of two watercraft to use in the remaining moto(s), as the competitor saw fit, while other competitors were restricted to their single watercraft.  The competitor does not have the right to revert to the original watercraft after the competitor has competed on a substitution watercraft authorized by the race director.
  3. IJSBA does not recommend that a Race Director authorize more than one watercraft substitution for a competitor in a single category.  The allowance to us Substitute watercraft should be a decision used sparingly for the purposes of allowing a competitor to continue a day of racing.  The purpose of this provision is not for a competitor to be allowed a competitive advantage.
  1.  Asia Beach Games

The country count for the 2014 Asia Beach Games in Phuket, Thailand, is the highest yet for the JetSki Sport in the history of the event.  This is exciting news for the sport in the parts of the world where the sport is growing the fastest.  The increased watercraft racing activity in the Asian regions is only going to increase further.  We expect the medals to be some of the most fiercely contested since the Asia Beach Games first began.  We also excited to see how many countries are taking up PWC Racing and joining the IJSBA family.  By the next update, we plan to offer a complete nation count and profile some of the competitors who will be trying to bring a gold medal home to their country.

  1. World Finals Page

The 2014 Jettribe World Finals information page is about to go live.  It contains all the relevant information to attend or participate in the event.  This is also the section where you can check the most current tentative schedule and download entry forms.  As a special reward, to those of you who actually read these updates, we are going to give you the link now so you can view the working schedule.  To see the World Finals information pages before they go live, please go to

  1. Updated Vendors

The trade show portion of the 2014 Jettribe World Finals is about 85% full.

Havasu Powersports
Burn Industries
Bullett Racing
Flip Flop Shop
Jet Pilot
Kommander Industries
SB Products
Berts Mega Mall
Cold Fusion
Rick Roy Products
Parker Yamaha
Thrust Innovations
Jet Connection
M&M Marine
ProRider Magazine
Rad Dudes
Hydro Turf
Jet Lift
Eric Malone Enterprises
Gibbs Technologies/Quadski
Freestyle Factory
Optimum Racing
P1 AquaX
D&D Snowcones
Low and Mean
Junior Stars

More vendors are signing up, almost daily.  We think we will have the list completed and the final vendor map out very early.  If you are interested in being a vendor, or exhibitor, at the event, please email


  1.  Surf Slam

One of the most celebrated events to frontload the World Finals and close out the annual competition season is the Blowsion Surf Slam.  Hundreds of Freeriders converge on the sands of Oregon’s Pacific City to perform extreme maneuvers in the waves.  Last year, freestyle motocross events were added to the admission free venue and this attraction is expected to return for 2014.  The event also offers Motosurf style buoy action for those who like to showcase their closed course racing skills in the surf.  The Surf Slam has a minimum number of competitors that must register for the closed course portion not to convert to a “dash for cash.”  We have copied that information below.  For more information about the 2014 Blowsion Surf Slam, please visit

Racing Update 07.19.14

Closed Course Moto Surf racing is back for 2014, however we have changed the registration approach this year to adapt to the challenges and cost planning for all involved. We will need 20 confirmed Racers (combined from Pro and Amateur classes) pre-registered by August 15th 2014 in order for us to cover the cost of running a full closed course buoy course. The online registration link is here: This registration fee cost will not be billed at the time of registering. You will need a valid credit card to register, however we will not be processing any charges until until September 1st after we have confirmed and met the minimum rider registration needed to hold full closed course races.

What happens if we don’t meet that minimum? Never fear—we will go to a “Dash for Cash” race approach with a simple five buoy “W” formation course and maximum payout based on number of riders who have registered. Once registered you will be contacted via email with continued updates as well as news postings here on the Surfslam website and Facebook page.

For those riders and racers wanting to test the water and see what Moto Surf riding and racing is all about before jumping in to a full race moto we will again be offering monitored practice and training sessions on the left and right turn buoy race course. For more information and registration details please visit:

  1. Friends and loved ones.

Since the last update, several things have changed in so many lives of our PWC Racing family.  There has been one wedding (congratulations to a very dear couple in Lake Havasu City who can remain anonymous unless they want to make a formal announcement) and one engagement (congratulations, Ria, on your upcoming happy day).  Our community has, sadly, also incurred two losses.  It is our policy not to publish obituaries on IJSBA except at the request of the families.  This does not diminish that our hearts go out to persons in our community during these difficult times.  Please do not hesitate to rely on any of us for support.

This concludes the July update.  If you have any questions or comments about this update, the 2014 World Finals, or any other matter, please contact or +1-714-751-8695 so that we may be of service.