h20designs-logoH20 Designs creates products for Yamaha based stand up and sit down watercraft, focused on freeride/freestyle to race applications.  What started as a small team of riders developing and producing products for locals, H20 Designs has become a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of watercraft parts and accessories.

H20 Designs has been diligently working on their Torrent Pumps to create a highly efficient, high volume, low cost alternative for the traditional Yamaha based 144mm market.

H20 Designs Torrent Pumps are available in standard and set-back applications.  All stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance makes this pump a great choice for salt water and fresh applications. From a mildly tuned 701 to high end 1200 CC motors, each power plant will benefit from the additional hook-up gained due to the larger diameter and high efficiency Torrent Pumps.

ISO 9001 processes are used to insure a quality product, and offer peace of mind to customers from fit and finish to long life.  “Engineering and quality control are of utmost importance as we knew right from the start we wanted each pump to be identical.”

Also offered from H20 Designs to complement these Torrent Pumps are high quality stainless alloy hardened drive shafts available for set-back applications, as well as light weight tail cones which are an option for those looking to save every ounce possible.  H20 Designs also manufactures hardened steel impeller removal tools in extended reach for the most difficult of impeller removal jobs, aftermarket waterboxes to fit many aftermarket hulls as well as other aftermarket products and accessories.  Be sure to stop by our booth in vendor alley to get a peak of our current products and some exciting new projects for the new year!

All H20 Designs products are currently available through their US distributor Fast Elements as well as their worldwide network of distributors and dealers.