First IJSBA event in Russia

by Yves Van Heers
A few months ago I was contacted by a Russian ‘Multi Sport Association’ (New Ligua) to organize a Race in Russia.

After a visit in May, we decide to work on the project and hold the competition on august 6th & 7th.

I will not explain to you the problems we had to solve in the past two months, but now we can be proud, the event was amazing!

The race was held in Tver, a city 150 miles from Moscow. 60 riders and helpers were invited; the Russians covered all the costs.

We were very surprised to discover more than 50.000 spectators (look at the pictures) waiting for the event.

Also great was the Russian organization, really professional and kind, very nice people.

According to Russian reporters, there is no comparison between this event and what they have seen before in Russia; that makes me so happy!

Many thanks to:

  • Transport Dujardin that brought our trucks to Russia.
  • To Hydrospace for paying the €25.000 guarantee to customs.
  • To all the riders and helpers, you did a great job!
  • To my organization crew, always ready to follow me in every situation.

Our sport has a great future in Russia, this is sure, and next year we will do it much better and greater, together with our Russian Friends.

You can see a lot of pictures on:


1 Dauliach Steven France
2 Poret Michael France
3 Poret Jeremy France
4 Zhirov Sergey Russia
5 Lasselbergen Nico Austria
6 Caumont Ludovic France
7 Reiterer Kevin Austria
8 Jonass Dins Estonia
9 Dujardin Audrey France
10 Montonen Lari Finland
11 Yashkov Rodion Russia
12 Poret Morgan France
13 Toison Cyrille France
14 Bernaut Anthony Belgium
15 Barriac Pascale France
16 Bulteau Julie France
17 Arkhipov Timur Russia
18 Zhevchenko Arsen Russia
19 Dardillat Valentin Russia

1 Lee Stone GB
2 Marc Sickerling Germany
3 Jean-Régis Vilette France
4 Marco Schults Germany
5 Emanuel Jules France

See you soon,

Yves Van Heers