Over the last nine years, Freestyle Factory has transformed from the garage startup, to a premiere waterfront freestyle jet ski and active lifestyle shop. Since inception, one of Freestyle Factory’s major focuses has been the assembly and tuning of custom freestyle jet skis. We have sold fully assembled jet skis, partially assembled combinations and bare hulls manufactured by Wamilton’s, XFT, Rickter, High Roller Industries, The Ski Clinic and EME for riders ranging from professional to beginner skill levels. We plan to continue to work with these esteemed manufacturers to ensure that we have a selection of high-quality watercraft for our customers to choose from.

Today, with great excitement, we announce the next chapter in Freestyle Factory’s growth plan, the acquisition of the Backie Chan watercraft division from the California based company, Trend Setterz. That is right, Backie Chan is moving to Antioch, IL. with production on brand new fiberglass units to begin in early June.

Backie Chan Freestyle Jet Ski

“We have been kicking around the idea of developing our own freestyle hull for years. When this opportunity arose, it was truly a no-brainer for us.” Said Gary Burtka, Co-Founder of Freestyle Factory.

Backie Chan was introduced to the market by Steve Ortega of Trendsetterz, whom designed and developed Backie. It is a rockered hull with excellent lines that utilizes the Yamaha drivetrain pattern for engine and pump assembly. The Backie Chan is best known for its ability to easily backflip with a low horsepower motor, while still freeriding and carving very well. It has also maintained a very friendly price point for new consumers entering this market, which Freestyle Factory ultimately plans to retain.

“We love the brand name and the look. We do not plan to make any cosmetic or character changes to the hull aside from ensuring the finish quality of the product, and plan to retain the original price point which has obviously aided in the early success of the Chan model hulls.” Said Greg Brock, Co-Founder and COO of Freestyle Factory.

Freestyle Factory plans to debut brand new Backie Chan units later this June at Freestyle Factory’s waterfront shop. Stay tuned to FreestyleFactory.com for the event date and details coming soon or visit our Backie Chan Page to learn more about this awesome watercraft and how you can test ride or purchase one.