Note: This event is not IJSBA Sanctioned.  The IJSBA is sharing this press release as we encourage participation in all PWC events.

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In the next month, November 25th and 26th will happen the 2006's JetWaves that will be the last round of this disputed championship: Free Ride World Championship 2006. The event will happen in Imbituba/BR.

As always, this round is special in Free Ride, not for was pioneer, 8 years ago, but because is the last round of championship's 2006 and two titles must to be define.

Begin for the class Runabout or Sit Down, dispute is between Visser's family and the French pilot Pierre Maxent, but James Visser is championship's leader with 65 points, or 7 points more than his father Jimmy Visser and 8 points more than Pierre Maxent, miss define 25 points in Brazil. So, it's seem that the emotion will be present more than Imbituba's big waves, this three incredible riders give the best of themselves in this waves.

As Jimmy Visser, as Pierre Maxent must give the best, because in them pretension for world title, only the victory is important. Do you want more emotion and tension? It's almost impossible!

If in Sit down class the competition, I want say, in Stand up where we have Italian Frederico Bufachi leadering the championship with 57 points, only 4 more than Pierre Maxent.Still with persecuting the title, we have the French Gil Bernier that come growing (won the France's round and Bali Free Ride) but is 8 points from leader, and the French Romain Stampers, too, but he's 13 points.

Here, for the French riders Pierre and Gil only the victory interest, when there are 25 points to dispute for until the final, but we don't believe that Italian rider stay, only with this points, not only because is the world title is something that he persecute a long time, like play in ''home'' too, because Florianópolis is his second house. So, make the bets.

It's important emphasizes the French rider Pierre Maxent that competing in two classes is a big candidate for the victory in both championship, what confirms a great development of this pilot, remember, he's the World Champion in Stand up class.

Like we say in the beginning of this opinion's article, the event will be 8th Jet waves that on the contrary of event, older, that had happened in French (Jet Jump), ever was organized for Tchello and his team, what is a impressing performance impressing of our Intenational Freeride WaterCraft Association, IFWA's president.

In fact, with the next Jet Waves we will celebrate 8 years of Free Ride's competition, because this, we will pay a tribute to Tchello for all that he had being and still will be for Free Ride. If Free Ride's in front of line is due for Tchello's work.