It is just over two weeks until opening day of the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.  Everything is coming together for this event to be one of the best yet.  Jettribe has been on the phone with the IJSBA office the last couple of days as we put everything into final planning stages before everyone makes the trek out to Crazy Horse Campgrounds in Lake Havasu City.  We are working long days to finalize the event, so let’s just get straight to the update.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleauges in the PWC Racing family:

  1. Jettribe Makes First Comments For 2014:

IJSBA has received the first official statement from our title sponsor, Jettribe.

“The countdown is on.  Jettribe is so excited anticipating this year's World Finals.  We have had 15 years to experience this event as an enthusiastic vendor, racer, and spectator.

Now as title sponsor, the level of excitement has reached a new high.  We are looking forward to sharing this feeling  and our appreciate towards all the fans, enthusiasts, athletes, and industry professionals for all the years of support.   Without them Jettribe would never be where we are today.

In many ways, Jettribe feels like we are just getting started and the best days are still ahead.”

IJSBA is very proud to represent Jettribe at the 2014 World Finals.  Please stop by their booth at the event and express your appreciation for making World Finals possible.

  1. Sea-Doo Brings Big Plans For 2014 Jettribe World Finals.

Well, Sea-Doo certainly wants this World Finals to be exciting.  They have moved the Sea-Doo owners’ ride to Saturday, the 11th, so that more weekend visitors can get in on the fun.  Sea-Doo is also giving away a great prize package to two lucky winners who follow  the X Team on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebeook.  Add in a Vanilla Ice concert at Kokomos and the Bounty (on Sparks this year), and more to see that Sea-Doo really plans to reward their brand loyal attendees.  If you missed the full details, here they are, again:

  1. Early Registration Closed; Regular Registration Until Sept 30.

Discounted fees for early registration ended September 15, 2014, at 11:59 PM.  Regular registration continues until September 30.  On site entry fees go up $20.00 per class, so you really should enter now to save money.  Also, we have a prepaid line at the first two days of registration.  The prepaid line moves much faster than the line for people who have not registered or paid.  So, save yourself both time, and money, and register before the September 30 deadline.  We will remind you until the deadline passes.  We wont say anything more about it after the deadline, well, not until next year.

  1. Trailer on Site…. Blake, too.

Well we know the World Finals opening day is around the corner when we see this:


Even better than turning into a giant robot, this semi truck delivers all of the IJSBA equipment to Crazy Horse Campground.  Blake has already started unloading everything and working diligently on finalizing the set up plan.  We have discussed the water level, predicted weather, and the event look will be taking shape over the next week.  A few people have already come by the event site and have helped Blake unload some heavier items in the truck.  Thank you for that.

  1. World Finals Track To Debut Next Week.

Most of the feedback relating to the 2013 World Finals track was positive.  Therefore, this year will see a very similar track as we confirm that all of the new implantations were consistent for two years.  We should have a copy of the planned track online next week.  Please feel free to share your comments.

  1. Media Credentials.

Media Credential applications are now being taken by IJSBA.  If you are legitimate news media planning to cover the 2014 Jettribe World Finals, then IJSBA will approve access to the media tent.  Pit passes and parking passes do not automatically come with a press pass.  Pit and press passes are available in a very limited quantity.  To apply for media credentials, see:

  1. Code Of Conduct, Other Important Rules.

IJSBA is your organization, belonging to the public at large.  The 2014 Jettribe World Finals is an event we want everyone to enjoy.  In ensuring your enjoyment, we have a few laundry lists of things that cannot be done… for your own good, of course.  When reviewing the World Finals Code of Conduct, and the other regulatory rules that are placed upon IJSBA as a condition to receive a permit, please reflect upon the freedom that we are given to put on this event in Lake Havasu City.  With this freedom comes our obligation to police ourselves and use the grounds, resources, and hospitality of the community in a responsible way.  The departments that oversee the health, safety, welfare, and environmental well-being of the Lake Havasu area allow us all to take over a major portion of shoreline, have a night show in the channel, and run all over town like the place doesn’t exist for any other reason than for us to come there and race.  They want some things in return.  They want us to be law abiding and to be good stewards of the environment.  Of these requests are for us not to ride in the channel, not to use 5mph markers as practice turn buoys, not to fuel or service watercraft over the water, and not to leave vehicles or trailers over the water where offending materials could leak into the lake.  This really isn’t so much to ask of us.

IJSBA sets standards that we want our competitors and attendees to adhere to.  The standards ensure that, even when we are frustrated or upset with things, we conduct ourselves with the dignity that we want to have for the sport and the entire personal watercraft community.  We want everyone to feel like they are safe and that they belong in the watercraft community.  We want for people who have spent their time and hard earned money to be part of the World Finals to feel that these resources were put towards a good investment.  We have set some guidelines, in the form of the Code of Conduct, to remind all of us of the proper etiquette, even when our emotions and adrenaline levels are running high.

Please take time to review the Code of Conduct (found here: and thoroughly review all materials in your rider check-in packets.  We want this to be a positive event for everyone.  Here are some key items to remember:

  1. The IJSBA Code of Conduct is in effect 24 hours a day and in all locations.
  2. No PWC FUELING over the water or within 10 feet of the water’s edge.
  3. No PWC SERVICING over the water or within 10 feet of the water’s edge.
  4. No trailers or tow vehicles may be left parked over the water.
  5. Maximum pit speed of 5 MPH for all pit vehicles including automobiles.
  6. All riders and operators of pit vehicles must wear helmets.
  7. All operators of any pit vehicles must be a minimum of 16 years old.
  8. No aerial drones or other flying devices allowed.
  9. No unauthorized solicitation or vending in the pits, vendor alley, or campground.
  10. There is no riding on the track except during your race or practice.
  11. There is no riding in the permitted area unless the ambulance is on site.
  12. Channel and perimeter markers may not be used as practice buoys.
  13. Only persons with Rider Bands may operate a PWC within the permitted area.
  1. No Drones Or Quadcopters Allowed At The Event

I know we already mentioned this above but lets do it again.  Everyone is getting one of these drones it seems.  They are a lot of fun to fly and the FPV shots, with the fisheye effect, are all over Youtube.  We do have restrictions on what can be flying at Finals and unauthorized drones are part of that restriction.  So, please leave your quadcopter, or similar device, at home.

  1. Rec Lites.

Entries are coming in for the new Rec Lites class.  Considering how affordable a Spark is to own and operate, we are surprised that this class is more of a trickle than a flood.  This is particularly surprising considering how many competitors are trophy hunters in the sport of PWC Racing.  For those of you who like to decorate your fireplace mantle with assorted plastic number plates, you should take a look at this class this year.  The Amateur Rec Lites Class was developed out of a request for more affordable racing options.  The class uses IJSBA Stock Class Rules and limits displacement to 735cc for Two Stroke PWC and 950cc for Four Stroke PWC.  The class was announced here:

10. Eligibility, Licenses, And Affiliate Dues.

International competitors should check with the IJSBA office in their home country to make sure that the annual dues are paid before checking in at the World Finals.  This will help avoid any delays in registration.  Competitors are required to have an IJSBA License in the nation that matches the issuing nation of their passport.  United States competitors must have a valid and current IJSBA Membership.  To be eligible to compete in the 2014 Jettribe World Finals, you must have competed in IJSBA Sanctioned events in 2014 while holding a valid competition license.

That is all for this week’s update.  If you have any questions about the 2014 IJSBA World Finals, or this update, please email