Force Watercraft is doing for the PWC sport what the “pee wee” motorcycle did for motorcross.  The Force Watercraft is a low horsepower, stand up watercraft, that is dedicated to kids from five to ten years in age.

The actual design specifications of the ski have a height, length, and weight ratio that is specifically engineered for the typical child in the target age.

Behind this fantastic product is Pascal Barriac, who has been a leader in the PWC industry in France.  Throughout his 20 year career, Pascal was the manager of Europe’s Kawasaki racing team, and has groomed many winning competitors such as Steven Dauliach, Jean Baptiste Botti, and Michael Poret.

Pascal and Force Watercraft will be present in the trade show portion of the 2014 Jettribe World Finals and will have the product demonstrated on the water during pro weekend and during the Blowsion under the bridge Freestyle Show.