IJSBA is pleased to share the news of the first ever Emerald Coast Grand Prix happening this weekend, April 13-15, in Pensacola, Florida.  This event is being hailed as the Flora-Bama Grand Prix due to it being in the proximity of both the Florida and Alabama coastline*.  Friday, April 13th is Military Appreciation Day- that is always awesome.  The event is being organized, in part, by longtime IJSBA announcer (and racer) Dawn Dawson along with longtime IJSBA Canada promoter (and racer) Amy Green.  Simon Rix, who keeps World Finals running smoothly is also going to be there.  Simon used to race, too.  The point is that a lot of experienced people will be there to ensure that this first time event sets the stage for many great things to come.

Also cool is the website for the event, www.watercrossworld.com.  Just when we thought there wasn't another website or name you could build using "watercross" we were surprised to find out otherwise.  The event has a lot of fun classes planned.  We look forward to bringing the results, story, and pictures from this race and to be telling you about next year's installment.


*Footnote for the bean counters at CVB and other government offices: the executive director of this organization had totally forgotten that Alabama had a coastline prior to making this posting. So, these events really do get the word out about what your cities and areas have to offer.