Iranian PWC Championship Arvand Cup 2016

IJSBA is pleased to announce Iran's first officially sanctioned competition, for 2016, has taken place, January 8th, on Karoun river, Khoramshahr city, Khuzestan .


Iran has seven maritime provinces which are well known for their high populations of marine sports fans. The roots of PWC riding, in Iran, first started from southern regions with Kish Island being the most successful of this extreme marine sport. Iranian and foreign tourists have been attracted for spending their times at recreational marine clubs to ride PWCs .  With the Karoun River being Iran's largest, and only navigable river, and one of the four rivers of the Garden of Eden, the environment is perfectly suited to launch the beginning of an new era for PWC racing.


An IJSBA Committee was established in Iran in February 2008 . This committee established in Iran Boating Federation and they set up the first Iranian PWC Championship in 2008 at Azadi Lake in Tehran. After a lot of refining and additional planning, not to mention several meetings with Iran Sports Administration, Mr.Davood Salianchi founded The Jet Sport Boating Association of Iran as an official segment of the  Iran Sports Associations Federation.  Three formal, sanctioned, PWC competition in each year to expand and introduce it to all the people in our country.

At this event,  25 athletes participated with categories having been created to match the common equipment owned by the competitors.  At the end,  only 9 riders could make it to the final stages. Here are their names as following:

1-Ashkan Azimi from Mazandaran province with Yamaha 1800 SVHO 2014
2-Mohsen Azime from Mazandaran province with Kawasaki 300 2013 stage1
3-Arsalan Safari from Gilan province with Yamaha 1800 FZR 2013
4- Masoud Jalilnejad from Abadan Kawasaki 260  2009
5- Shayan Nematbakhsh from Tehran province with Sea Doo 260 RXP 2014 stage1
6-Majid Ashrafi from Mazandaran province with Kawasaki 260  2010
7-Amirhossein Shahraki from Tehran province with Sea Doo 260 RXP 2014 stage2
8-Mohammad Zebardast from Abadan with Kawasaki 300  2012
9- Alireza Ashrafi from Gilan province with Sea Doo 260 RXP 2015 stage2

At the closing ceremony, Iran Fly Board Team performed an excellent demonstration with ZR Fly Board and Hover Board.

IJSBA is excited to bring information about future developments in Iran.  For more information on the Jet Sports Boating Association of Iran, please visit:

Please enjoy these additional photographs of the event:


I.R.I Jet Sports Boating Association

I.R.I Jet Sports Boating Association

I.R.I Jet Sports Boating Association

I.R.I Jet Sports Boating Association

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