Last week was devastating to the Personal Watercraft Racing Community.  Clayton Jacobson, the man usually credited as inventing the production personal watercraft left us for the waters beyond.  Mr. Jacobson lived a life that is impossible not to admire.  He came up with an incredible idea and carried it to a height that earns him a place in history comparable to some of mankind's greatest commercial inventors.  At 88, he long was able to enjoy the accolades he earned and often checked in on racing to observe people enjoying his brainchild.  Perhaps Clayton's future plans were to dominate the waters of the afterlife and called for Bill Chapin to join him in the quest to beat Charon across the Acheron by enhancing whatever vessels immortal souls construct.  Bill left us too soon.  Mr. Chapin left a legacy of World Champions and watercraft performance achievements that may never be rivaled.  There are few names from the IJSBA Golden Era that did not credit Bill Chapin for a win.  Clayton Jacobson and Bill Chapin will be memorialized along with Eric Francis at this year's World Finals.  Details will be brought shortly. We join the families of these individuals in mourning this loss.