IJSBA is announcing the return of Expert Ski Modified to the competition program of the 2020 VP Racing Fuels World Finals.

After announcing the cancelation of this class, we actually received some entries.  So, we will move on like we will run it, especially after discussing with so many of you that you plan to add classes at the event.  We are producing this COVID impacted skeleton by the seat of our pants, so what's one more complication, right?  

PS: Managing Director's soap box:  I get it, I was a racer once.  I would probably wait to the last minute to enter this race, too, given the circumstances in the world.  The only thing I am asking is to please be patient, considerate, and understanding at check in, it is going to be a tough one with all the on-site additions, last minute registrations, and everything else being done while practicing distancing and other mitigation in what is sure to be an outdoor environment.

Also, my apologies for the poor defibrillator pun in the posting picture.  We went with a funeral picture to announce the class cancelations and I was going to go with a resurrection type joke to announce the return of Expert Ski Modified, but, I'm Catholic, and it is a Sunday, and quite frankly there have been way too many obstacles for this World Finals for me to tempt superstition forces to get involved in any of this.  See you in a week.