IJSBA is postponing the running of the Expert Runabout Limited Class, at the 2014 Jettrible World Finals, until Thursday October 9. During today's competition, it was learned that some competitors had received conflicting technical rulings on whether aftermarket fuel pumps were allowed to be implemented in the Limited class on PWC powered by four stroke engines.  The IJSBA is confirming that aftermarket fuel pumps are indeed legal to be used in the Limited Classes.  However, since some competitors received conflicting information, IJSBA is postponing the running of Expert Runabout Limited , by a day, in order to allow all competitors to procure and install an aftermarket fuel pumps if they wish.

IJSBA apologizes for any inconveniences relating to postponing the Expert Runabout class.  If you have any questions regarding this press release, please email: info@ijsba.com