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The penultimate round of the AquaX Pro Series and the final round of the Great Lakes Series returns to Chicago on September 1/2.

Last season the AquaX Tour arrived at the 31st Street Harbor for an incredible weekend of racing that saw riders facing some of the toughest conditions ever seen on the tour.

This year Monroe Harbor will play host to the racing but similar conditions are to be expected on Lake Michigan with the Windy City almost certainly set to live up to its name once again.

Monroe Harbor is located in the heart of downtown Chicago and its 392 mooring cans combine to create the central panorama of the Chicago skyline. Iconic to the Chicago Harbors, Monroe has a strong community of long-time boaters many of whom love the nostalgia and history of this harbor at the foot of the city. Home to the Chicago Yacht Club and Columbia Yacht Club, the harbor is a central focal point of the lakefront.

Last season it was 'the Eagle' Eric Francis who claimed victory in his favoured rough conditions after being forced to swap to his wife's ski before racing had started.

In the Great Lakes Series, Jay Edworthy battled through seven races on one weekend to claim back-to-back titles ahead of fellow Canadian Dave Davidson.