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After the success of last two years events we are pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Hot Products Huntington Beach Moto-Surf & Impros Freeride Presented by Jettrim, Bomber Eyewear Blowsion, Hydro-Turf, T.C. Freeride, KRASH Industries, Factory Zero, Rickert RRP, Kawasaki, Circuit Jet Sports, Works H20, RB Components, Jettribe, Jet Re Nu, JC Racing, Prowatercraft, West Coast Water Craft Club, Pro Rider Magazine, Mike Follmer Specialties, Action Sports Canopies & the IJSBA on April 4 & 5 at the Huntington Beach Pier (south side)!  This much anticipated event will feature 2 days of IJSBA sanctioned watercraft racing & 3 days of freeride competition.  Below is the important information you will need for this event: 
Please check out the promo video for the event!!  Thanks to Lewis Lipstone and Steven Reyes of West Coast Watercraft Club Racing Division and Westside Media Partners for their hard work!!  RPM RACING ENTERPRISES HOT PRODUCTS HUNTINGTON BEACH MOTO SURF & IMPROS FREERIDE
Pit Parking: The City of Huntington Beach has once again granted access to the lot off Huntington Drive & PCH for this event (see map attached).  This lot is dry camping only, no hook ups. All teams must indicate what type of trailer (single, double or enlcosed, if enclosed, what size) in addition to their entry form submission.  Pit parking fee (includes vehicle and up to a two boat trailer is $125 for 3 days). If "carpooling" with another racer, please indicate the rider you will be carpooling with for verification purposes. Only 1 parking fee will be charged if carpooling (same as last year). Motorhome/RV/Toy Haulers will pay $225 for 3 days of parking regardless If only coming for Saturday & SundayPlease contact Ross to discuss parking lot for enclosed trailers/motorhomes but please remember space is limited. Additional passenger vehicle passes can be purchased at registration for $30/day (single passenger vehicles only, provided space is available.)
Entry Forms:There are two ways to pre-register: either 1.) online via paypal or 2.) Entry form .  Please choose one (either the word or PDF form attached or via paypal - please click link below)
To use the online registration please click on link: Huntington Beach Moto Surf Online Entry Form
Note: $$$ is NOT required to be pre-registered, the entry form is required to be considered pre-registered.  Please pre-register at your earliest convenience. 
Please note that this race is  Round #1 of The "Best of the West" series, a cumulative 2 day event.  The overall winner is decided from the 4 moto's over the 2 day event (same as last year).  Also, the HB City Parking fee is included which covers a tow vehicle and trailer from Friday-Sunday. Questions, please contact Ross to discuss (310) 318-4012. 
Please see attached OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM

The deadline for pre-registration is Monday, March 23rd.  All entries received thereafter will be charged an additional $50/class/day fee. 
Racer's it is extremely important that we get your registration in as this event is limited on parking space so it is highly encouraged to pre-register at your earliest convenience.  If you don't see your class, please note that we need to have full lines at this event.  If there are 6 entries for your class, please contact Ross to see about adding your class to the schedule. 

Pro payout is guaranteed 50% of pro entries/class.  Must have minimum of 6 on line to pay.
This event is a IJSBA World Finals qualifier (counts as 1 round).

Beach Access: There will be beach access from the parking lot.  The use of UTV's are allowed to move equipment (Ski, Runabout, tools, fuel jug) from the parking lot to the pit area and back however we ask that you work together with other teams.  However, once your ski(s) or runabout are in the pit area no UTV traffic will be allowed unless catastrophic failure and the ski must return to the parking lot.  Use of the UTV during the race days is prohibited until after the race day as concluded and crowd has disbursed or permission is granted from the race director if requested during the race day. 
Pit Area: The "Pit Area" will be the area to the South of the Start area on the South Side of the pier above the water line. All race teams will be allowed to bring a "pop up" style tent onto the beach to indicated their pit stall. Tents longer than 10 x 10 will be set up perpendicular to the water to maximize pit space. 
Fuel: Per the HB FD, a maximum of two (2) - 5 gallon jugs will be permitted in the pit area on the beach.  The fuel must be stowed on a tarp or drip tray/pan, not directly on the sand. Also, a tarp or drip pan/tray must be under the ski/runabout at all times while in the pits. All pits must have their own fire extinguisher with current tag.  Please plan on bringing diapers, "zuck up" or some type of absorbent material to use when fueling.  
Smoking & Alcohol: There is NO smoking or alcohol in the pits. Violation will result in immediate dq and exit of race site. 
Host Hotel: The Quality Inn & Suites (Huntington Beach) 17251 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, 92647 They are offering a 15% discount to all participants of the 2nd Annual Huntington Beach Moto Surf & Freeride.  Please click on link below to make your reservation:

 or call (877) 424-6423 to book your reservations and use group code LHBMS.   Please let them know you are with the Huntington Beach Moto Surf & Freeride to get the 15% discount. Rates are subject to change and availablity is limited so make your reservations!! 

Questions or problems, contact Basir Patel (714) 470-9889 or bpatel@jaybeehotels.com

Fire Extinguisher: All racers must have currently certified fire extinguisher for your pit area!!! We will checking as part of your safety inspection upon arrival to the pits.  Please make sure the certification tag is up to date. 
Beach Pit Area: UTV motorized vehicles are allowed on the beach, however hand carting in and out only (stand ups). Motorized launch (cars/trucks/quads/etc.) must use the designated launch/pick up area on beach. Please do not park or set up your pit where you might block access to the beach.  All vehicles must display the proper parking pass (to be received at registration during initial on-site check-in). To park additional vehicles in the main lot above in the pits (see PIT PARKING above) you will be charged a parking fee of at check in.
Rider Check In: ALL racers/families/crew members must check-in on Friday starting at 8:00 am until 5:00 p.m. and or on Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. If you've pre-registered you still must check-in, sign the waivers and receive your credentials. If you haven't registered you may do so during the days/times stated. Please do not wait until registration is closing to either get registered or clear registration.
Friday, April 3rd:
6:30 - 5:00 pm - Pits are open to race teams for set up
8:00 - 10:00 am - Registration open in the pit parking lot for race teams and freeriders 
8:00 - 5:00 pm - Registration open in the pit parking lot for Race teams
9:00 -  5:00 pm - Safety Inspection (in pit parking lot area) for all participants
Saturday & Sunday, April 4 & 5:
It is highly recommended that if you can't make it to registration on Friday that you are at the parking lot on Saturday morning before 6:30 a.m
6:30- 8:00 am - Onsite registration/safety inspection (Pit Parking Lot) 
8:00- 8:30 am - Rider's Meeting - Pit area on beach  (mandatory, all riders attend)
9:00- 9:55 am - Practice
10:00 am - Opening Ceremonies
10:00 am - 5:00 pm - 2nd Annual Huntington Beach Moto-Surf  & Freeride (note: Final schedule will be posted prior to race).
Awards 30 minutes after conclusion of final race on Sunday.
Note: The schedule may change prior to race day.  Please check http://www.rpmracingent.com/ for all updates and information. 

For all questions, please call or email Ross - rpmracingent@yahoo.com or (310) 318-4012.
A final note:  If you want surf racing to continue, please support this event!!
Ross Wallach, President

1803 Morgan Lane
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 318-4012