Happy End Of August.  Today is the last day before September begins and a three day weekend here at IJSBA headquarters.  This means that Tuesday will start the final three week crunch before we get on the road to head to Lake Havasu City for World Finals.  It also means it is time to start the weekly updates.  It was a huge wakeup call going to Costco this weekend and seeing pumpkin pies being sold in the bakery section (they even have Christmas stuff already)- so, in the spirit of there being no time to spare, here is the update.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing Family.

  1. Permits are in and event is locked.

We received our copies of the finalized permits for the 2014 Jettribe World Finals just this past week.  Receiving finalized permits more than 30 days prior to the event is pretty rare when dealing with the US Coast Guard.  IJSBA has to answer to approximately 50 (!) agencies in securing our portion of Lake Havasu that we use for World Finals.  The IJSBA administration and the participants have been a great job of working together to ensure that we remain compliant with the requests the agencies make for us to have this event year after year.  This year, the US Coast Guard has sent us some publications emphasizing a priority to do our part to minimize the chance of collisions in the navigable areas outside of the permitted area.  This means that there are going to be even more watchful eyes on competitors and we will be expecting that nobody is using perimmiter buoys as practice turn buoys and that anyone leaving the permitted area obeys all rules and laws for navigation (like 5 MPH in the channel).  This is a heads up that this is going to be more of an issue than it has in previous years.  We know you will all do a great job as you have in previous years.  Years ago, regulatory bodies started requesting that we no longer fueled or serviced vehicles over the water and that we did not leave trailers or vehicles parked over the water except when launching.  These were inconvenient for us but we were able to adjust and meet the requests of the permit.  Please police yourselves on this issue so that nobody has to do it for you.

  1.  Thank you to those of you cooperating with pit placement for large trailers.

IJSBA has requested that persons with large pit trailers make arrangements with us, in advance, so that we can fairly allocate pit space to all competitors.  Thank all of you for your cooperation.  We are going to ensure that pit space is available to as many competitors as possible and we hope that many of you will do your part to share the spaces and create a fair and friendly environment on the grounds.  Large pitting arrangements should be shared by multiple competitors.  Only one pit space will be allowed per vehicle that enters the gates.

  1.  Reminder to contact VP Racing for special fuel orders.

VP fuels is the official fuel of the IJSBA and the Jettribe World Finals.  They usually bring an ample amount of fuel to sell to competitors.  However, some competitors prefer to order large fuel quantities or more exotic fuel types (HTG users, we are talking to you) and we highly recommend that those of you with these needs either contact VP Fuels now and place an order.  Fuels can also be ordered from Tech One and 3D Motorsports in Lake Havasu City.

  1. Ski GP will close soon.

Entries have been coming in at a pretty steady pace.  GP Ski has been getting solid involvement for this year.  IJSBA will close this class soon to ensure that international competitors, who register on site, will have opportunity to participate.  This class will likely close this coming week.  Please get your completed and paid entries in, right away, if you are interested in participating in GP Ski.  GP Ski is open to seasoned Expert and Pro licensed competitors only.

  1. Blake Corning is preparing to arrive in Lake Havasu City.

Another part of the World Finals getting closer is Blake Corning’s laundry list of expenses and final preparations to start staging at Crazy Horse Campgrounds and Resort.  Those of you who have not been to Crazy Horse, outside of World Finals, may not realize how much work and materials go into creating a temporary stadium for us to showcase the sport.  Tents, fences, cinder blocks, rope, generators, lights, and many other things must be brought in for the event to be operational.  The next couple of days, Blake will send in lists of things to purchase, your Managing Director will draw lines through some of them and send them back.  Then, Blake will get mad that too many things were cut and ask for less lines to be drawn through his supplies.  Blake usually gets his way, he knows what he is doing when it comes to preparing the event.  The event is expensive and we do our best to keep costs controlled so that prices do not have to be raised.  Because of natural inflation, cost control means being very frugal with our budget and this is sure to frustrate Blake more than usual.  To make matters worse, Blake finally gave up smoking so he is probably going to be extra irritable when the stress starts to set in.  Many of you are out there in Havasu when Blake arrives.  Please stop by the race site, offer him the opportunity to vent on the restrictive budget he is forced to deal with.  Don’t bring him cigarettes, though, please. He is getting inducted to the Hall of Fame this year, we want him to live many years to admire his acryic award.

  1. IJSBA still is searching for videos of competitors preparing for the Jettribe World Finals.

IJSBA is soliciting competitors and teams to make short videos of how they prepare for World Finals.  This includes preparing equipment, loading the trailer, and all of the other things that need to be done to get you from your destination to the desert oasis of personal watercraft racing.  We will put a few of these videos online and use them in some promotional material.  Please email info@ijsba.com if you have some videos you would like to share with us.

  1. Support those that support you.  Riva, Blowsion, M&M Marine, K&S Kuwait (figure out a way), Jet Connection, Tech One, Havasu Powersports, DASA, and ESPECIALLY JETTRIBE all make serious sacrifices to help produce the World Finals and we would like to remind you to consider their contributions when you need to make PWC related purchases.

Well, that’s the first of what will probably be five weekly updates.  We look forward to seeing you in Lake Havasu City in just over a month!