EDGE, one of the world’s coolest and most extreme sports channels has announced its latest update that “Jet Ski King’s Cup – World Cup, Thailand” which ended in December 2013 will be added to its worldwide water sports series broadcast program reaching more than 100 million viewers in the next few months, making the game stand next to other popular sports such as Powerboat, surf, and kite surf.

The air time is expected to be around June-July 2014.

“This is great news for our Jet Ski circles that the sport will reach greater fan base around the world”

said Mr. Parikhet (Drake), Tournament Director.  “We have had the world’s premiere sport channels such as ESPN, StarSport and recently Fox, as our partners to broadcast our races all over Asia covering the fan base of 500 million.Through EDGE, our new partner,100 million more viewers will be included to this fan base. That also means jet ski fans around the globe can watch the race more often, follow the sport more, and get excited and amazed by our great riders.”

Stay tuned for more details about the program.

King’s Cup - Jet Ski World Cup, Thailand
12 May 2014