IJSBA is pleased to announce that the Shredder, by DTV Motor Corp, will exhibit at the trade show portion of the 2018 Blowsion World Finals.  Please stay tuned, regularly, to IJSBA.com for some very exciting news about partnerships and opportunities between IJSBA and DTV Motor Corp, and their product the DTV Shredder.  In the meantime, please see the press release:

The DTV Shredder is making Tracks AT the IJSBA World Finals






Toronto, Ontario, Canada - September 18, 2018

DTV Motor Corporation is excited to announce a corporate presence at the IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu, October 1 – 7th 2018.

The DTV Shredder is a multi-purpose off road vehicle.  The Shredder can function as a pit bike for bar banging fun racing or to pull your ski out to and from the water.  This year-round vehicle that has been coined as “A Stand-Up Jet-ski for land”.

The DTV Shredder has pushed the boundaries of innovation creating a new category of in Powersports. This multifunctional machine has a broad appeal.  Compact and portable the DTV Shredder will fit in your hatchback or SUV, you can also fit 3 DTV Shredders in a short box pick-up truck.

“The DTV Shredder is incredibly fun to ride, we are excited to partner with the IJSBA and showcase our product to the Jet-Ski Community”

Ryan Fairhead, VP - DTV Motor Corporation


For more information about this press release, please contact Andrew McEwan, Director of Sales at 905-829-9229 or email at andrew.mcewan@dtvmotorcorp.com.