Another very cool PWC product will make its debut at the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.  This just in from Doo Dock.


From the creators of the Original paint ball caddy - ROTO WEST and introduces a new product in the form of a portable linking dock for PWC (Personal Water Craft).

The Doo Dock allows you to safely dock your PWC in shallow or deep water.  The anchor is made out of a Shelter Rite vinyl and can be filled with 70 pounds of sand.  Please do not try to lift the 70 pound anchor into the water they are designed to slide into the water when the Dock is completely assembled on shore.

In rough water a single dock should be facing bow out but with two or more is very stable with bow facing in.  So the more you link the better.  In shallow water the PWC is resting on the vinyl not the sand or rocks.  The Doo Dock is designed with the vinyl anchor towards the bow of the PWC so there is less danger of being sucked up into the impellor.

A single dock can hold up to three PWC's you just need to add two additional bow clip to the left and right side of the dock. With three PWC's the dock has to be in water about knee depth because you don't have and anchor to protect the hull of the 2 aditional PWC's.

ROTO WEST Inc is an independent plastic fabrication company based in Orange County Southern California that has manufactured crash test dummies across the USA and the World since 2003.  With an impressive client portfolio, Roto West Inc is the leader in design, manufacture and supply. In another co-venture, William David Clark II, inventor of the paint ball caddy system (, teamed up with Roto West Inc CEO Gorden Sanden to bring this brilliant, innovative new product to the lakes and oceans.


David Clark
Roto West Inc
15651 Container Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
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