Diablo Jet Ski Action, along with the International Jet Sports Boating Association, is proud to announce an opportunity for Northern California based watercraft competitors to earn World Finals eligibility at a popular race venue.

DJSA has long collaborated with IJSBA on the general demeanor of PWC Racing in Northern California.  In 2015, DJSA held an IJSBA Sanctioned Northern California event with RPM Racing, the IJSBA Sanctioned organizer in the Southwestern United States.  This set the stage for future cooperation between the various entities.  Many IJSBA Sanctioned events have been held at Camp Far West and this event looks to be an excellent mix of traditional IJSBA racing integrating the community created classes that DJSA is well known for producing.

Below is DJSA’s official press release, written by Jim Lambert, followed by clarifications from IJSBA:

Because many djsa racers have expressed an interest in competing at World Finals, and because many have had difficulty in making it to Socal RPM events to qualify, the IJSBA and DJSA have designed a low impact course design, to integrate World Finals Qualifying opportunities into the style in which DJSA operates…

What does this mean?
Race 1 and 2 at Camp Far West will be IJSBA sanctioned. The class structure may be slightly different but our race procedures will remain the same. I will maintain the final say in matters pertaining to safety, but as much as it pains me to say this… we will conform to the IJSBA buoy color system for this race only, and REDS will be left turns and YELLOWS will be right. (jim shakes his head and says “w h a t e v e r “….) but the mandatory 1 ski length safe zone rule, 100 ft yield rule, and mandatory slowdowns in yellow flag corners will remain in effect.

Note to DJSA Regulars:  I am expecting quite a few DJSA racers to attend this race, and most of you already know what I expect from you on the water – and on the beach. This is a rare opportunity for you to participate in 2 IJSBA events, held in your backyard, in order for you to qualify for competition at the IJSBA World Finals.

Being an IJSBA sanctioned race, ALL participants will be required to be IJSBA members. I would venture to say that the majority of our racers are already IJSBA members, but if not I recommend going to the IJSBA website at to obtain your race license. The fee is $45 for a year’s membership. There is a very strong likelihood that the new DJSA administration for 2017 will run under IJSBA sanctioning so you might as well get a hole shot on it now and get your license. (plus you’ll need it to go down and defend YOUR TROPHY next month in socal!!!)

Sat July 23rd, race 1 – (2 heats)
Sun July 24th, race 2 – (2 heats)
Camp Far West Lake - north shore at “Jet Ski Cove”

Clarifications from IJSBA:
IJSBA intends for this event to be a stepping stone for further opportunities for IJSBA Racing and the Northern California community to find more joint events.  As many IJSBA promoters offer special competition classes based on the needs of that region, some DJSA classes will be used to comply with classes that are generally offered at World Finals and other IJSBA events.  There are two important caveats for this event:  Four Stroke Runabouts will only be allowed four on a line at a time.  Competitors who do not have a previous history with IJSBA sanctioned racing will not be able to qualify, at this event, for any World Finals Open Class Runabout categories where supercharged four stroke engines are allowed.  Any questions on these matters should be sent to for clarification.  Where DJSA classes are used, IJSBA pre tech and safety requirements shall control the eligibility of that watercraft to be used in competition.

DJSA Class List and IJSBA Compatibility:

Runabout Classes
Sport Open Nov
Sport GP 1200 Open Expert
800 Runabout Open Novice
800 Runabout Open Expert
1300/NA Open Run
SCXP Open Expert Run
Ski Classes
900 Open Ski Novice
900 Open Ski Vet
950 Open Ski Expert
1100 Open Ski Intermediate
1100 GP Ski Open Expert
Junior Ski 10-12 Stock
Junior Ski 13-15 Lites
Vintage Classes
567 Open Vintage Triple Threat
X-2 Open Novice
X-2 Open Expert

ProAm Racers must have an Expert or Pro license.

These classes translate, generally to the IJSBA Classes below:
Sport/Runabout Classes:
Sport Spec (all Skill)
Sport Modified (all Skill)
Runabout 1000 SS (all Skill)
Amateur Runabout Normally Aspirated Open
Pro Am Runabout OpenSki Classes:
Am Ski Lites
Am Ski Limited
Am Ski Modified
Am Vets Ski Modified
Pro Am Ski Lites
Pro Am Ski Modified
Junior Ski 10-12 Lites
Junior Ski 13-15 LitesVintage Classes
Vintage Ski (All Skill)
Novice Vintage X2
Vintage X2 (all Skill)

See you at Camp Far West!!!!