"All you need to know about Dinant"

By Yves Van Heers

How can you explain the race of Dinant?
The city of Dinant is one of the largest tourist visited city in Belgium, a small town in the valley of the Meuse River, with lots of cafés and restaurants along the water’s edge. The course is in downtown

Dinant and is probably one of the hardest races in the world. If you have ever raced there, you will know what I mean, and only great champions can win there! You will love it or hate it, but you will never forget it!

Dinant is also special because of the communion between the riders and the 25.000 spectators. There is no other place in the world where spectators can watch the race so close, it is magic! Try to be in good shape and go for the victory!

Where is Dinant?
Along the highway Brussels-Luxemburg, in the valley of the Meuse River

Brussels or Charleroi (Charleroi only for Ryan Air)
Both airports are only one hour from Dinant

This site is only in French or Dutch, so when you are on the home page, click on “Français” and then on ”Hébergements” and you will find the list of hotels and bed and breakfast.

Official Web Site of the competition of Dinant:


On this site you will find all the details you need, a map of the race site and photos from the past events.


  • Young Economical Council of Dinant
  • City of Dinant
  • Corona Extra GLC
  • Yves Van Heers Racing Organisation

Thierry Schraff

To order VP Racing Gas:
AC Motorsport
Phone: (+33) 442 50 60 36
Fax : (+33) 442 50 82 86
E-mail : info@ac-motorsport.com

Your race number:
Philippe Hendricx
Phone : (+32) 475 37 00 54
E-mail : jet_philippe@skynet.be

Promotion and Sponsorship of the Tour/ international Press Accreditation:
Gilles et Elodie Laumonier
Phone : (+32) 475 295 796
E-mail : elodie@gbh.be

Race Director:
Yves Van Heers
Phone : (+32) 475 47 16 64
Fax: (+32) 2 251 28 67
E-mail: info@jetskivanheers.be

Memoriam André Jacobs/Race for mechanicals and riders relatives:
Like every year since the tragic accident of Andre Jacobs, we will organize a race on Saturday evening for all the Mechanicals and riders relatives.

  • Condition of participation: Not be holder of a race licence in 2004

This race is always successful; it is a mix of emotion with the memory of André and the fun to see those that are mostly on the shores on a Jet Ski.

Important to know: Internal rules for Dinant

1. You will have access to the paddocks only from Thursday August the 19 at 8.00 am; if you want to be earlier at Dinant, you must go to two parking (parking des Oblats and or parking de l’Abbaye de Leffe) you will find this two parking on the map of the site on www.jetskidinant.be From Thrusday 8.00 am, marshals from Dinant will bring you to the paddocks.

2. Go Ped are not permitted!!

3. You can use Quads outside the paddocks only with valid registration and insurance, helmet is mandatory!

4. Every Quad must have the race number of the rider on the front

See you at Dinant,

Yves Van Heers

The Russian Power Boat Association is looking for a Rider able to teach the Russian Junior Team in Closed Course and Free Style; one or two weeks in August.
Contact Yves Van Heers