The IJSBA Code of Conduct is in force at all times. All competitors and attendees must agree to the following policies and rules.

Code of Conduct:

The IJSBA World Finals is a private event put on for the purposes of promoting sanctioned personal watercraft racing. The event is for the pleasure of the participants, spectators, vendors, manufacturers, and their families and guests. Anyone who wishes to join in on the greatest sporting event of the year is welcome to attend. To ensure that this event is pleasant for all of those involved, the following code of conduct will be enforced at all times:

1. Violent, assaultive, intimidating, or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. There is absolutely zero tolerance for violence or assault against any person attending, participating, or otherwise connected to the event. Persons violating this provision shall be immediately banned from the event, have any points or titles stricken, and be subject to suspension or permanent expulsion from IJSBA future sanctioned activities. This policy extends to any social media posting or any other activity that takes place outside of the event.

2. Sales must be made by authorized vendors only. The vendors at the IJSBA have made an investment in this event. Unauthorized vending is prohibited. There shall be no selling or distributing of products without authorization from the IJSBA. Persons violating this provision shall be immediately banned from the event. This policy includes the giving of food, beverages, or samples of any good or service. This policy extends to all parts of the event including the vendor area, the pits, and all parking.

3. Persons seeking to disrupt the enjoyment of the event shall be removed from the event. Spectators, participants, and vendors have spent a great deal of time and money to participate in the World Finals. Conduct which seeks to diminish the quality of this event will not be tolerated.

4. The IJSBA staff reserves the right to make and enforce any policy which protects the safety, enjoyment, and integrity of the World Finals. The IJSBA Rule Book policies shall be enforced at all times. It is the policy of the IJSBA to cooperate with local law enforcement and other regulatory agencies. Competitors are expected to abide by these policies and contribute to positive continuity of the event.

5. There is zero tolerance on any abusive behavior towards any IJSBA staff member or contracted worker at the event. Competitors and their support group must compose themselves and use professionally behavior at all times. Disrupting the event or speaking unprofessionally to any administrative staff will result in immediate removal from the event and disqualification from all parts of the event with all earned points stricken. Competitors are expected to act professionally.

6. IJSBA maintains all copyrights and intellectual property in the event at all times. Photography, video recordings, audio recordings, and all other visual and audio reproductions of the 2023 World Finals for any commercial purposes are prohibited unless authorized in writing by IJSBA. Photographers may not advertise for hire services at the event without written permission from IJSBA. Limited audio and visual captures for personal purposes are permitted but may not be published for any commercial use. Recordings of IJSBA staff and competitors in emergency or rescue situations are strictly prohibited. Competitors are free to take all the pictures and videos they want of them racing but please use your creative skills to highlight you and not to figure out ways to skirt the prohibition on no commercial use.

7. The IJSBA World Finals has specific mandates for our permits these mandates include preventing specific conduct on the water and issuing fines when the conduct is found to occur. Road vehicles and trailers may not be left in the water. If any vehicle or road trailer is left parked over the water the rider associated with that vehicle must be fined $150 for the first occurrence and aggravated penalties for a second occurrence. Trailers and road vehicles should be over the water only long enough to launch the watercraft and then immediately removed. Fueling over the water is prohibited. To fuel a watercraft, the watercraft must be removed from the water and brought a minimum of 20 feet from the water’s edge. Any competitor’s watercraft that is fueled in a manner inconsistent with this mandate will be fined $250 for the first occurrence with aggravated penalties for a second occurrence. IJSBA is required to levy these fines and is subject to audit if presented with photographs of offending riders. For 2023, IJSBA has been required to intensely monitor the channel adjacent to the race site. Any competitor leaving the race course perimeter and entering the channel shall be fined $500 by IJSBA in addition to any penalties handed down by law enforcement authorities. IJSBA will be focusing a lot of attention on complying with this mandate. None of these mandates are new. Please remember that we are guests on the lake and we must respect and obey the rules set for our event.

8. The IJSBA World Finals strives to maintain a family friendly environment. Clothing with offensive depictions in language and/or imagery is not permitted. Offensive imagery and offensive or profane language is not permitted on watercraft. Watercraft may not depict logos or verbiage promoting entities not sanctioned by IJSBA. Clothing depicting entities not sanctioned by IJSBA may not be worn to claim awards during the awards ceremony. Depictions of national origin are allowed so long as those depictions do not disparage the national identities of others.

If a competitor or attendee has any questions about this code of conduct then these questions should be sent to IJSBA well in advance of the event. Please send any inquiry to