Closed Course

The competition category that started it all.  In the early 1970’s organized PWC activity took the form of the Ski watercraft piloting around buoys as a type of motorcross on the water as created by the United States Jet Ski Association- the planet’s first sanctioning body and creator of the sport.  By 1982, the organization had evolved into the International Jet Sports Boating Association and the very first World Finals was held in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA.


Closed Course racing is the most popular type of competition in the PWC athletic community.  In Closed Course, several competitors line up in a single start and compete for several laps on a tight course comprised of many buoys.  Closed Course Racing is held in lakes, rivers, and oceans.  IJSBA Sanctioned Closed Course Racing takes places in more than 50 individual nations every year.  Tens of thousands of IJSBA competitors have enjoyed this very exciting type of racing.