This just in from the Sea-Doo PR team:

Sea-Doo X-Team Dominates the 2014 Kings Cup Race with James Bushell Claiming the Premier Pro Open Championship.

BRP closes the 2014 watercraft racing season with a dominating performance at the recent King’s Cup winning six of the seven runabout championships featuring modern four-stroke models. Sea-Doo racers from around the world congregated in Thailand to compete in the last high-profile race of the year and did so in true X-TEAM manner. Of the 21 available podium positions in the modern watercraft classes, Sea-Doo riders filled 16 of them.

Current world champion James Bushell added the King’s Cup Pro Open championship to his already stellar list accolades aboard the Sea-Doo RXP-X. Bushell lead the charge with a dominating performance on his 158-Perfromance backed Sea-Doo RXP-X in the Pro Open class. Bushell has claimed seven World Championships in the past four years aboard an RXP-X T3 hull equipped watercraft and continued that momentum at this year’s King’s Cup.  Bushell has relied on the tight turning and true tracking of the T3 hull and staying connected to the 400+ horsepower produced by his modified, turbo powered Rotax 4-TEC engine tuned by the Sea-Doo Centre.

The Sea-Doo X-TEAM King’s Cup podium finishers include.


  1. James Bushell                                         UK                   SEA-DOO
  2. Hajime Isahai                                          Japan
  3. Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq                         Kuwait           SEA-DOO


  1. Boonayod Issarakankul                       Thailand        SEA-DOO
  2. Arttapol Khunsa                                     Thailand
  3. Jun Ikoma                                                            Japan             SEA-DOO


  1. Katunyou Chomim                                Thailand        SEA-DOO
  2. Arttapol Khunsa                                     Thailand        SEA-DOO
  3. Abdullahal Fadhel                                 Kuwait           SEA-DOO


  1. Rainer Eidner                                          Germany      SEA-DOO
  2. Jun Ikoma                                                            Japan             SEA-DOO
  3. Pichet Settura                                         Thailand        SEA-DOO



  1. Tipmonghon Khensri                            Thailand        SEA-DOO
  2. Anton Pankratov                                   Estonia          SEA-DOO
  3. Muhammad Skukri Bin Hashim         Malasia          SEA-DOO


  1. Nattawut Phisonpool                           Thailand        SEA-DOO
  2. Nontawat Phimcharoen                      Thailand        SEA-DOO
  3. Aphisit Rattanayon                               Thailand        SEA-DOO