This just in from BRP/Sea-Doo.  If anyone has any doubts that the Sea-Doo Spark is sending the industry in a different direction, you wont after watching this video:


As you may or may not have heard, BRP put forth a large scale promotional effort in Miami a few weeks ago to expose the next generation of boaters to the fun they can have on the water… today!

If we want different results (gaining new boaters) we have to do things different.

In a week long on-water and on-land effort, the Sea-Doo team led the #SPARKSOMEFUN effort that culminated with a concert by performance innovators David Garibaldi and electronic music producer deadmau5. In addition to exposing the boating lifestyle by a measured 32 million impressions, we made a video with deadmau5.

Here is the video to help feed your content hungry visitors.

Lets RE-SPARK the marine industry together and pull in that next generation of boaters.

With the Sea-Doo Spark starting at $4999 we can do it.